What is the Best Mouse Trap

I think many of you guys have tried many types of mousetrap on the market. All of them will catch mice, the difference among those traps are depending on your level of comfort interacting with the dead mice and your budget.

If you are looking for a best mouse trap for your home recently, please check the pros and cons of the main mousetraps on the market as follows.

1. Electronic Mouse Traps

These traps are one of the most common ways to catch mice quickly. To be successful, It is suggested to use several of these traps. You need to eliminate the mice as fast as possible! Placing three or more of mousetrap in a strategic position is an effective method. It is also cost-effective since those traps are reusable

Tips: Mice live in groups, if you see a mouse, you probably have 5-6.

If you just placed a single one, please make sure to empty it as soon as possible. It is highly recommended to three or more in different positions, so that it won’t take too long times to catch all the mice, according to our experience.


It has a high success rate. Kill quickly, never missing bait or a wounded mouse in this type of mousetrap.

Reusable traps, each one can last for years.

Enclosed in plastic, so you don’t have to see or touch the dead mouse if don’t want to.


The price of this individual mousetrap is a little expensive, comparing the throwaway model.

2. Plastic Snap Traps

Most of us should be familiar with the original wooden snap traps. They were cheap but difficult to set, and you have to throw them away after catching the mice. 

Recently, the pest control companies have improved it to the hard durable plastic version, which can be reused too. 


Easy to set and release, because the metal bar is nice and sturdy.

Don’t need to touch the dead mouse, since the release bar is positioned

Reusable, made from hard plastic and steel

Fast and humane kill

Low cost, affordable re-usable mouse traps


You will see the dead mouse

3. Live Mouse Traps


This type of trap will catch the mouse then release it back into the environment.

It is important that you need to often empty the traps and release them far away from your home to avoid allergic reactions in your family.



No poison, no toxic, no-kill.Humane mouse traps. If you can not bear to harm the mouse, then this would be the best mousetrap for you.


You need to check the traps more often because you are catching a living thing. And it is better that don’t leave the mouse in the trap too long before releasing them back outdoors.

You need to put them in your car and drive them to a release location. If you release the mice too close to your house, they may return to your home again, and you will be fighting a losing battle. So, don’t give them any chances.

4. Glue Traps

Even though this is another common trap in the market, but I don’t like to use it. Because removing the mouse from the glue trap is not something that I would like to try.


There is no snapping mechanism that could hurt little fingers or noses.


It is not always working. Sometimes, you just see a little fur on the trap.

Not a humane way to get rid of the mouse. The mouse will slowly die because it has no access to food or water. 

5. Ultrasonic pest control units

To success using this unit, you need to understand the cover size of the product. If you get on that only covers an area of up to 100 feet, you can’t put it in a 300 square foot room and expect it to repel mice.


Very easy to use, just plug and play. No work involved in using such traps.

It can last for a long time.

Keep the mouse away from your home, if you don’t really want to kill them.


The ultrasonic waves cannot reach all the area if your house too big.

If there are already mice at your home, it may not be working.

You need to do more research before you buy because they, not all the ultrasonic traps working well.

The summary of the best mouse trap based on their features, which is most important to you.

If you are looking for a long term effective solution, and you don’t mind to put more budget on the mousetrap, please go to the electronic mouse traps.

If you are looking for an economical solution to catch mice quickly, please use the plastic traps or glue traps.

If you are looking for a no-kill mouse trap, please choose the live mouse trap.

If you are looking for a no-mess solution, and you don’t want to set up the trap, the ultrasonic pest control unit would be your best choice.



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