How to Catch a Mole

For many people, it would be a frustrating process to catch moles and protect their lawns and gardens. But with the correct method on how to catch a mole, any homeowner can get rid of a mole from the landscape.

Get the correct mole trap

There are many types of traps for moles on the market. But some of them are hard to use, so, we would like to introduce the following types for your reference.

Blackhole rodent trap 

This humane killing device will capture bigger moles, especially the “boar” ( breeding male) moles. For better results, it is better that you follow the manual of trapping moles, putting some food in the black hole rodent as bait, and to be certain that the light does not leak around the trap once it is placed into the ground.  

Nash choker loop mole trap

This type of trap need to be used with a bucket, so it will not be activated by passing animals and pets, and most importantly, keep the free human scent from the trap and the bucket. And this trap will get the best result if you are using it in a new tunnel.  

Easy-set mole trap 

This trap is very effective when it is placed directly over a mole hole. And the device will kill moles as it “removes” them. 

Before you set the trap

There is no chance to catch moles if you set the traps with your bare hands.

You need to take a glove to avoid to transfer your scent to the trap. Human scent is a sensitive signal to moles. And these gloves should be used only for handling mole traps, not for any other purpose, to avoid contamination them with your scent.

Locate the mole tunnel

To catch a mole, next, you need to locate tunnels where moles are active. It is not a hard thing at this step. Just look around if there is a mound of fresh dirt or a raised tunnel you haven not noticed before. The moister and fresher the dirt on the mound, the more likely it is an active mole tunnel. And you should place the trap there.

It is best if you could put a trap next to the entrance to a tunnel, which has been dug in the last 12 or 24 hours. And the best time to set up the trap is during the heat of summer afternoon or the cold of the winter morning. Because mole is most likely to be resting in chambers farthest away from the entry point.

Setting the trap

When you are setting up the trap, please set the trigger and lock the hook in place, so that you won’t trap your fingers.

No matter what kinds of trap you used, it is better that you place the trap into the entrance to the tunnel or into the tunnel, so that the jaws or trap door open in the same direction as the tunnel.

After the trap is set, cover the trap loose dirt or bits of sod partially, so the mole will dig down to the trap.

Monitor the trap

Now, everything is done. Usually, you will catch the first mole by the next morning. If you don’t catch a mole in 1 or 2 days, you will need to remove the trap and reset it in another location and be sure that you are wearing the gloves when you are doing this.

Disposing the mole and repeat the process until you no longer have a mole problem. Sometimes, new moles will find their way onto your property, but you can get rid of them with much less work since you already have much experience.



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