How to Effectively Combat Moles

What is an effective method to dispel moles:

There are all kinds of methods to dispel moles, one more humane than the other method. How to effectively combat moles is a big problem for many people who owns a yard or garden.

Filling the corridors with water or spreading onions and garlic in the hall is a way. Ecolysis is also an environmentally friendly tool. Then there are also the devices that give an ultrasonic tone or vibration so that the mole chooses the hares. An ingrown bottle that whistles in the wind are also to try. One means sometimes works, sometimes not.

How to effectively combat moles

Do you have a beautiful lawn, but do you always have those soil heaps that ruin your green carpet?
Then there is a mole active under the ground. These little black diggers can move a lot of ground when looking for food. They dig corridors to move easily under the ground, to find earthworms and other soil animals.

Digging the corridors is not an immediate problem, but the excavated soil pushes them up through the lawn. The heaps can sometimes be quite large and the most annoying thing is that they always appear in a different place. That the mole is visiting your garden is a good sign, you have healthy soil with earthworms. The mole also keeps the number of earthworms and other creatures on an acceptable level, but you still see the mole go rather than come. Despite its digging, a mole is useful as well, besides earthworms, it devours Engerling, Immelt, Cricket and Rit needles.

How to effectively combat moles

How does a mole live?

How to effectively combat moles? It is useful to know how mole lives. Moles live solitary and have their territory which they protect very brightly. After mating the female mole throws 3-4 young in May-June after a week or 10 they stand on their own feet and they look for their own territory.

If a mole is caught or killed, a new mole will take up the spot fairly quickly (especially in the summer and late summer). When you catch the mole alive and release it in a neighboring pasture, the mole will be back to its old spot in no time. If a mole enters its territory in another mole, it will certainly chase it away and the mole will eventually return to its own area. A mole can also swim and walk a lot even if he does not see that much. They are most active at night and early in the morning.

Plants where a mole is chased away:

The imperial crown Fritillaria imperialis is a bulbous plant that has an odor that moles and mice do not like. Also, Spurgeon (Euphorbia) and Incarvillea give off an odor in the soil that moles do not like so they look for another garden to find food. Another thing that can also be effective is to put some garlic balls in the hallways or pour a special garlic preparation into the molehill.

Environment-friendly oil:

An environmentally friendly method that we sometimes use is through a smoke pattern with natural oils (see the photos). It is important to clear the ride first and to place the smoking pattern deep in the hallway. Next, light the pattern with a match or lighter. The pattern quickly produces a large white smoke, cover the corridor with a tile so that the smoke can spread in the corridor. Effectively combating moles with smoke causes an oil film to enter the hallway so that the mole can no longer eat and it is a bad smell for the mole. Because the mole wants to eat anyway he will look for another garden to dig, the operation is quite long so that no other moles come dig in your garden. Sometimes it is necessary to place multiple patterns before the mole takes off.

How to effectively combat moles

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