How to Fight Against Rats

How to fight against rats

Rats have been a plague for many people for centuries. That is not surprising since some rat species like to go in the environment of people. They feed on our waste.

Rats can spread disease and save a lot of inconveniences. How to fight against rats is certainly a difficult problem. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to combat rats, although of course a professional knows best how to do this.

Rats inconvenience? These are the main symptoms:

Several symptoms tell you that there are rats in and around the house. It is important to pay attention to these symptoms. If you know in time that there are rats, it is easier to fight against them. The main symptom is the droppings that rats leave behind. You can think of mice keys but then a lot bigger. The droppings of a rat are about 2 centimeters long and half a centimeter thick. They have a finished shape and are gray-brown. You will usually find drag traces around the droppings. These are derived from belly fat. Furthermore, rats are of course known for their gnawing. They gnaw on numerous hard materials and that is especially good at night. There are also often traces of gnawing such as holes and sawdust.

Where do rats come from?

The kind of rat that we as a human being suffer from is almost always the brown rat. This comes from everywhere and simply loves to be in the environment of people. They extract their food from our waste. Especially in cities, people suffer from rat plagues. They go in search of food between our waste and also nestle in the vicinity of people. Because they can reproduce at lightning speed, without effective control methods like traps, it can quickly become a plague. What starts with one or a few rats can quickly grow into an entire colony that you have a huge impact on.

How to fight against rats

What should you do not do?

You can combat rats in different ways. There are, however, several things that you should not do. Firstly, it is not wise to follow all kinds of home, garden and kitchen tips that can be found on the internet. In some cases, these may work, but it can also do more harm than good. Do not just go to work with poison. Certain types of poison are first of all not allowed to use, while other types of poison can only be used by professionals. If you use the poison in the wrong way, other animals can also die and that is of course not the intention.

What can you do?

In combating rats, there are a number of things that you can do yourself. First of all, it is important to realize that fighting rats are of no use if you do not do prevention. In that case, it is namely mopping with the tap open. In addition, there are of course also rat traps available in all shapes and sizes. Usually, however, catching a rat is not the solution. The very intention to find nests and that can be quite difficult for a layman. Usually, the use of a professional is therefore necessary.

How can you prevent rats?

As said, fighting rats is actually pointless if you do not do prevention. Otherwise, new rats will continuously enter. However, there are some tips to prevent rats. First of all, make sure that all the holes and cracks in the house are sealed to the outside without sacrificing ventilation. In addition, it is important to keep everything in and around the house clean and certainly not leave waste or food left behind. Also, make sure that garbage bags are never open and exposed, but that they are always in lockable containers. This also applies to cat food and dog food. Do you have pets? Make sure they are protected against rats.

Fighting against rats? Follow these 5 tips:

  1. Fighting against rats does not make any sense without prevention
  2. Make sure there is no reason for rats to stay in or around your home
  3. Click here to choose rat traps and not of poison. The latter is forbidden
  4. Look for any nests
  5. Switch a professional to make sure that it is done properly
How to fight against rats
How to fight against rats
How to fight against rats
How to fight against rats




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