How to Remove Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants build their nests in timber, so they’re usually found around houses. Unlike termites, they don’t eat the wood, they just nest there.

Carpenter ants can infiltrate a house as well as enter into your food and water resources. Read on to learn how to regulate carpenter ant populaces to prevent them from ending up being a hassle.

Carpenter Ant Truths

how to get rid of carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are one of nature’s most aggressive timber destroyers. Comparable to termites, carpenter ants damages the wood. Unlike termites nevertheless, carpenter ants do not consume wood for food. Carpenter ants just bore into wood to develop and/or expand their nest. They can do lots of damage to wood. Because of their capacity to excavate wood and trigger moderate amounts of localized damage, they are of financial significance to the insect control market and to homeowners alike.


Carpenter ants do not eat timber. Carpenter ants eat aphid and other pleasant sugary insects. Aphids are their # 1 selection of food. Carpenter ants will take care of, the bridegroom, raise and also nurture aphids within their nest in unique “aphid” chambers. Carpenter ants do this to acquire “honeydew” from the Aphids. Aphids secrete honeydew which is the carpenter ants favored food. Carpenter ants take care of Aphids to obtain their honeydew. Its nature’s way of enabling ants and aphids to stay in consistency with each various other. What happens when the Aphids quit producing honeydew? They come to be carpenter ant bait!

It has often been believed that to get rid of carpenter ants, all one needs to do is to do away with the Aphids. Aphids will attack all types of exterior plants, so by spraying the plants you get rid of the Aphids. Sadly, this frequently provides bad control given that carpenter ants can forage several hundred backyards trying to find Aphids.


Indications of a Problem

The only exterior sign of a carpenter ant problem aside from the presence of employees and/or swarmers is the look of little openings on the surface of the wood. Via these, the ants get rid of particles, which consists of sawdust-like shavings and/or fragments of insulation and also insect body parts. The buildup of this article below the openings is a great indication of an energetic infestation. The gallery wall surfaces that carpenter ants create are smooth, with a sand-papered appearance. Energetic galleries are kept clean of particles.

Carpenter ants like to strike wood softened by fungus and also are typically associated with moisture problems, so house owners need to keep an eye out for excess dampness and also soft, decomposing wood around the home.

how to get rid of carpenter ants

Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Find The Nest

One of the most reliable techniques for clearing yourself of carpenter ants all involves situating and also treating their nests straight. Carpenter ants nest in moist, worn out wood. These nests can be located either inside or outside the residence and also unless you adhere to the tracking ants back to their beginning, it’s not constantly easy to identify which. Nevertheless, in general, if you discover carpenter ants inside your house throughout the late winter season or very early springtime, opportunities are the colony is located inside. Right here are some ideas for locating a carpenter ant colony:

  • Seek frass. Frass is finely ground wood particles that look like sawdust. It’s the outcome of carpenter ants boring right into the timber to develop their nests. If you see this in your home, the carpenter ants are somewhere inside.
  • Damaged timber on or within wall surfaces, doors, cabinets, and also timber beams is an excellent indication of an interior nest. Look especially for sandpaper-smooth carpenter ant galleries and holes.
  • Area attractants like pet dog food, jam or other desserts where you most commonly spot carpenter ants. Using their path, attempt to find the area of their nest.
  • If you have woodpiles or various other wood debris inside or just outside your residence, check them thoroughly– the ant colony can be inside.

Boiling Water

If you were able to find the carpenter ant nest (and also it lay outdoors), this all-natural method is a method to assault the ant swarm directly. It’s basic: boil a few liters or more of water and after that pour it directly into the nest (this can be harmful, so please exercise extreme caution). Adding an all-natural and also water-soluble pesticide, crucial oils, or soap to the boiled water will make this method a lot more effective. You might have to duplicate this procedure a couple of times to entirely eliminate the colony.

Eliminating the Ant Populace

  1. Make use of the harmful bait method.

This approach is best to use if the nest is concealed or unattainable. You’ll utilize harmful lure to tempt the ants out of the nest; they’ll carry it back to the nest, and also within regarding 3 days the ant populace will be infected. Purchase some carpenter ant hazardous gel bait and mix it with a dose of sugar and a spoonful of milk. Establish some out near where you believe the ants live. We await the ants ahead out and also take the bait.

  • It is necessary that the lure you make use of being slow-moving performing. If it eliminates the worker ants on their way back to the nest, the countless ants still back at the nest won’t be affected. Choose a bait that takes concerning 3 days to function.
  • Never spray the line of carpenter ants you see originating from the nest with pesticide. This will not damage the ants still lying in wait, and could really create them to sense a threat and also spread out to construct even more nests.
  • If you have family pets or children, tamper-resistant lure stations are a safer choice for giving poisonous baits.
  1. Damage the nest with straight cleaning.

This method is effective when you can access the nest conveniently and also apply carpenter ant dust straight to the queen and also the entire nest. Pick a carpenter ant dirt as well as follow the instructions on the package to apply the dirt to the nest.

– Diatomaceous earth is all-natural, harmless dirt that can be made use of to kill carpenter ants without bringing poisonous substances right into your residence.

– Other chemical dirt such as Delta Dirt and Drione Insect Pesticide Dirt is additionally efficient, yet it does include toxic substances and also can position health and wellness risks to family pets as well as kids.

  1. Attempt a boric acid bait.

– Purchase boric acid at a yard supply shop.

– Blend with powdered sugar, in a ratio of about 1/3 sugar to 2/3 boric acid.

– Fill container caps with the combination. Set down around the location where you observe the ants.

– When they return it to the nest, it will kill the ants in the nest. Boric acid passes through the ant’s body as well as liquifies inside of the ant.

how to get rid of carpenter ants


Avoidance is constantly the most effective type of insect control. Follow these easy guidelines to keep carpenter ants out of your residence.

  • Maintain your house clean– especially the cooking area, floor covering, windowsills and also kitchen counters. Without a food source, ants will have no factor to enter your house.
  • Seal all food in securely closed containers. Maintain all food storage space areas free of crumbs and residues (Pointer: rub out all those jam, sauce and honey containers).
  • Never leave food remains or filthy dishes in the sink.
  • Take the trash out frequently, and also keep all trash bin tidy and secured.
  • Any type of spilled food ought to be tidied up instantly.
  • Seal any type of fractures, holes as well as holes– all potential ant entrances– with caulk or other sealers.
  • Eliminate or remedy all resources of unneeded moisture both inside and outside your home, including leaky pipes, basements, creep areas, A/C units, hose pipes, faucets, sprinklers, stopped up drainage areas, and so on
  • Get rid of feasible nesting spaces from your backyard, such as woodpiles, wood yard tools, brush, dead or dying trees & tree stumps, unused pet residences, furniture, and any various other potentially wet, wood products.
  • Maintain tree limbs and branches far from the wall surfaces of your house. Carpenter ants make use of these as bridges to enter your house.
  • Do not save lumber or firewood inside or appropriate outside your residence.
  • Keep X-PEST indoor ultrasonic pest repellent working for 24 hours to prevent carpenter ant getting into your home.

how to get rid of carpenter ants


Q:  What attracts carpenter ants in a home?

A: Within a house, carpenter ants feed on proteins such as meats and pet food. As far as sugars in the house, they are attracted to syrup, honey, granulated sugar, jelly, and other sweets. As stated before, carpenter ants do not eat wood. They remove wood as they create galleries and tunnels for nesting.

Q: Do carpenter ants go away on their own?

A: Nothing to worry about, no chemicals needed, they are “wanderers” and they’ll go away on their own. Don’t let any exterminator scare you into anything – they’re good at that. You would expect to find carpenter ants in woodpiles (they’re carpenter ants!) no chemicals should ever be applied to firewood.



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