How to get rid of millipedes?

Millipedes are inconspicuous pests that do not attack or sting and typically can not survive inside, but can cause an allergic reaction upon call with the sticky substance they release when distressed.

In small numbers, millipedes can be advantageous as they malfunction decaying products promptly. Yet too many millipedes in your yard, or millipedes inside your home or structure, must be dealt with.

Review this guide on millipede control to discover just how to eliminate millipedes, both outdoors as well as within.

how to get rid of millipedes

Know facts about millipedes

Their hiding places

Millipedes favor the convenience of wet, dark outside locations such as under compost, leaves, compost piles, flowerpots, wood heaps, stones, as well as various other plant debris. If the conditions outside ended up being too warm, completely dry, or damp from hefty rain, they will certainly sometimes locate their method right into your house looking for shelter. Indoors, they will certainly look for the awesome, damp areas like the basement, crawl spaces, or the garage.

Preferred food sources

Millipedes are decomposers as well as are useful to have around your backyard. Like earthworms, they eat wet, worn-out plant material like fallen leaves and also flowers. During durations of the dry spell, millipedes have actually been understood to eat living plants where they get required wetness from the leaves as well as roots.

Millipede defenses

The millipede’s defensive liquids are quite poignant, in addition to triggering skin irritability to some people.

Because of this, usage protective handwear covers or extensively wash your hands when managing millipedes given that setting apart in between millipedes is very tough to identify.

Consequently, never ever manage millipedes with your bare hands; rather, make certain, always wear hand treatments if you touch or otherwise take care of millipedes.

An additional suggestion is to never scrub one’s eyes if millipedes were dealt with considering that their defensive fluid is exceptionally irritability to the eyes.

As one could expect, millipedes utilize these irritating liquids for protection against predators.

How did I get millipedes

They normally dwell in wet areas outdoors, however, they can move inside if their habitat outdoors comes to be as well hot and also dry. Once within, they may conceal under furniture or boxes of stored things.


When they pertain to a home, millipedes collect on verandas as well as patio areas. They climb up the foundation of the house as well as they commonly find entranceways such as:

– Cellar windows and doors

– Crawlspace vents

– Doors with missing weather condition removing

– Garage doors

How can I regulate a millipede problem

Are millipedes abounding inside or outside of your residence now? It’s a disturbing sight for certain, however, we have some good news: Apart from being creepy, they’re most likely refraining from doing any kind of harm to you or your building.

Still, you can take prompt actions to maintain these creatures from spreading out elsewhere.

– Dry Up– Make every effort to dry areas where millipedes have been identified. They like moist atmospheres, so you can spread out wet compost to let it completely dry. Inside, try to reduce the moisture with a dehumidifier. Direct any type of water overflow far from the structure.

– Get rid of– Similar to any kind of other animal, millipedes require food to make it through. With that said in mind, eliminate any food things that millipedes might be after. For these creatures, that consists of mulch, firewood, sticks, leaves as well as other breaking down plant products.

– Subject– Millipedes seek out sanctuary wherever they can find it, so remove prospective hiding places, including heaps of yard trimmings, leaves, wood as well as rocks. Ideally, keep a bare zone of 12 to 18 inches from structure walls.

– Wait– If you’ve got millipedes inside your residence, you can simply wait. It’s not likely that a millipede inside a structure will make it through long without proper food, water as well as sanctuary.

Avoiding future problems

To prevent future millipede invasions in your house, do the following:

– Eliminate their hiding places. Do not stack mulch against the structure, and also remove leaves, yard trimmings, woodpiles, as well as rocks from around the outside of your house.

– See to it your foundation, basement, and crawl spaces are dry by utilizing dehumidifiers or sump pumps if needed.

– Maintain rain gutters and also downspouts clear of fallen leaves and also in great working order to aid maintain water away from your foundation.

– Repair leaky taps, pipes, as well as air conditioning devices.

– Avoid overwatering your grass and dethatch if needed. (Millipedes will additionally stay in the thick, moist thatch layer of an improperly kept yard.).

– Seal and caulk splits and various other openings in your foundation wall, as well as use door,  moves to exterior doors.

how to get rid of millipedes

How to get rid of millipedes

Eliminating millipedes from your home

  1. Eliminate the millipedes on sight.

As soon as you find a millipede in your residence, stomp or squish it. Do this each time you see a millipede instead of recording it and also releasing it into your yard.

– Millipedes typically won’t attack your house in a large swarm, so killing millipedes when you see them is commonly reliable.

  1. Sweep or vacuum cleaner up the millipedes.

If you’re a little squeamish concerning killing the millipedes or even getting near to them, move or vacuum up the millipedes as well as dispose of them in the wastebasket. Then lock up the bag and also toss it in a covered dumpster outside. [1] – Do not leave millipedes in your interior trashcan due to the fact that they can crawl out.

– If you occur to have a lot of millipedes in your home, use a shop vac to suck them up quickly.

  1. Spray an indoor pest spray.

If you choose, buy an indoor-safe insect control spray that’s developed to kill millipedes. Spray it straight onto millipedes as soon as you see them. The spray needs to swiftly kill them. [2] – To tell if an item will certainly eliminate millipedes, inspect the plan for a list of the insects it will kill.

– Always follow the producer’s instructions and also determine if they’re safe to utilize around kids or family pets.

  1. Layout a millipede trap to capture them in your house.

Examine the hardware store if you wish to acquire a simple catch. A lot of millipede traps are designed with a light in the center that brings in the millipedes and also sloped sides. By doing this the millipedes are brought in by the light as well as climb right into the catch, however, can’t leave.

Yard poultries = No millipedes

Poultries enjoy damaging, pick, as well as eat grass and bugs. Keeping a couple of chickens is allowed also in a lot of communities. Actually, the backyard chicken fad has actually led to many communities that would not permit chickens, relaxing their guidelines as well as enabling 3-5 chickens but no roosters because of the noise they cause.

Big poultry will certainly remain in a lot of fencings so long as the lower components of the wire are slim enough that they can not squeeze through. You will certainly additionally be getting some tasty pastured eggs that opt for a cost at farmer’s markets and also grocery stores. You can acquire little hen units for protecting them in the evening or containing them when required. Some individuals make use of pens without any bottom that they can easily walk around their lawn when chickens want a fresh patch of lawn to choose at.

Calling in the pros

If you really can’t appear to make any type of development with your millipede trouble, you can call an expert, but this is going to set you back quite a bit. The bigger the space treated, the higher the cost. Lots of people do not go this route unless they are experiencing other insect concerns and also feel like calling a pro is the easiest solution for dealing with plenty of issues simultaneously.

Make sure that when you talk to a specialist, you are clear regarding your bug control goals. You don’t intend to pay for greater than you need neither do you wish to neglect something essential. Checking evaluations of previous clients is advisable if you don’t know a great deal about a pest control business. Make sure you are completely knowledgeable about what sort of fees you can anticipate.



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