How to Get Rid of Pigeons

A couple of points are a lot more aggravating than strolling down the street only for a pigeon to poop on you from overhead. Also worse, that poop can cover your cars and truck or building in an unpleasant, slimy goo.

Pigeons can likewise end up hoarding birdseed from more desired species and are generally taken into consideration in a city as well as a rural parasite.

However worry not, we’re right here to tell you just how to get rid of pigeons and maintain these pests far from your residence.

how to get rid of pigeons

Know the truth about pigeons

What do pigeons eat

City-based pigeons have become scavengers, giving up their typical diet plan for any kind of scraps they can discover, but typically choose fruit and seeds. Several species have adapted to consume worms and bugs, with at the very least one species preferring them.


Pigeons like grains for food and individuals will commonly feed pigeons inadvertently by spilling food or it in open trash containers. Pigeons roost in areas above ground and will readily nest in steeples, as well as spaces on outdoors areas of buildings and also various other protected locations.


Pigeons hinge on human beings to give them food, roosting as well as nesting sites. They are generally located around agricultural locations along with storage facilities, feed mills, as well as grain elevators. They are also commonly found in cities around parks, structures, bridges, as well as any kind of other structures.


Dangers and damage caused by pigeons

how to get rid of pigeons

  • Illness – As you’ll read below, pigeons aren’t the cleanest of birds. They transfer a host of bloodsuckers as well as illness through droppings, as well as dirt which enters into buildings viaduct. Some diseases spread by pigeons are E.coli, Histoplasmosis, Psittacosis, Cryptococcosis and also much more.
  • Droppings – In addition to being air-borne bloodsucker service providers, pigeons leave a ridiculous quantity of droppings, which are exceptionally harsh. The feces are highly-acidic, stain the surfaces they’re on and also can also increase the speed of deterioration of a structure. The birds won’t spare your auto or the brand-new awning you have actually simply mounted, they’ll foul whatever around. Their poop is also very tough once it dries as well as it’s used to enhance nest construction to make it last throughout winter.
  • Debris – Pigeons are rather the producer of plumes as well as scatter nesting material throughout your home. The mess builds up rapidly and also is replaced practically as quickly as you have actually ended up cleansing it. It may obstruct gutters, eaves, as well as air vents causing water accumulation.
  • Various other parasites – Besides illness, pigeons efficiently transfer a range of vermin varieties such as ticks, bed pests, lice, as well as bird mites. And even if the birds leave the nest, the bugs might still remain as well as torture you.
  • Sound – Everybody who’s ever before had pigeons around for longer will agree that their cooing isn’t as nearly as romantic as motion pictures portray it to be, especially on a Saturday early morning.
  • Hassle to gardeners – The pigeon will certainly not hesitate to assault plants, damages plants and create in search of food. It will certainly additionally frighten birds and also various other wildlife from feeders.


How to get rid of pigeons


Currently its time for the company. If you have pigeons on your roof, think about among the 7 methods to get rid of them quick-smart. These methods are very reliable when it involves removing parasite in your attic rooms.

  1. Use a slinky

A wonderful choice to bird spikes is making use of a slinky. Affix it along the roof or veranda edge, with the circles not more than one finger length apart. Safeguard it firmly with tape or cord every 8 inches. The pigeons will certainly not like it due to the fact that they can’t socialize in your building. This has ended up being an incredibly popular and risk-free repellent for these unwanted birds.

  1. Water hose

Birds afraid of numerous points. You can frighten them to maintain them away is one more valuable technique. Don’t allow them to work out in place by applying the water stress with a yard hose pipe. Or try to use X-PEST outdoor sprinkler animal repeller in your yard. They would indisputably not such as to be pressed away and also would prefer to dwell elsewhere.

how to get rid of pigeons

  1. Enclose all entryways

This is a point we worry in our various other pest elimination or repellent guides: Make sure that pigeons can not get in. Once they remain in your attic room, increasingly more pigeons will calm down on and around your home.

See to it the attic, as well as vents, are appropriately evaluated off to maintain birds and other animals from going into. Fill up large openings and also home windows with heavy curtains or plastic strips to make it difficult to enter. If they can come in, see to it that the birds can not sit anywhere.

Close off edges where birds like to build nests with a tough towel and also plaster. In huge open locations such as barns as well as attics, you can shut the areas above the rafters with extra-large pigeon nets.

  1. Mirrors

Use reflective items. It deserves trying to use reflective tape on your roofing system side or hanging items that make noise or balloons to frighten the pigeons. As an example, allow some firecrackers to go off any time a pigeon lands someplace. Ensure to use firecrackers that are not dangerous for children. This bird repellent is as simple as it can be, and also it works every single time!

  1. String

Bind strings or rope from one end to the other where birds like to sit down. They will not have the ability to locate their equilibrium for landing. Usage rope that is not affected by the weather.

  1. Pepper powder

Homemade deterrents are constantly helpful. Discourage the pigeons to dwell and fool around at your area by using these natural treatments. Make all the anticipated means of nesting of pigeon awkward for them by spreading out some flavors or pepper powder around. Quit the pigeons prior to they make the situation uncontrollable for you. These deterrents will assist you to maintain these birds off.

  1. Birds of prey

Use birds of prey to scare away pigeons. Unless you happen to have a predator as a pet, you can get a plastic or stone statue of an owl or hawk. Place it on the spot where the birds usually sit. Sadly, this does not function for life, since the pigeons will ultimately comprehend the phony bird never ever moves.


Eliminate pigeons even if you do not locate any kind of disruption originally. You can utilize the natural treatments to this problem or trap them to relocate them. Additionally, Green different repellents are additionally offered that can reduce your fears. Keep them away by removing every little thing that can attract them as quickly as you see them. You can likewise get the pigeon control solutions from specialists if the circumstance comes to be out of control.


Q: Can I shoot pigeons on my roof?

A: If the pigeons are in a roof there are a few things that you can do. You may not think that they will do much harm, but if they are close to your home then they will defecate in the area. They will also make noise when you are trying to sleep as well as leave signs of birdlife everywhere.

Q: What smell do pigeons hate?

A: One of the most common that people like to use mothballs. The fact is that pigeons hate the smell. Mothballs don’t pose any kind of danger to anyone, including the pigeons, they simply don’t like the smell. You can place these liberally around your home, on the roof, under eaves and facades and have great success.




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