How to Eliminate Silverfish

Silverfish are rather harmless, yet these grayish-blue, serpentine creatures aren’t positive to have around the house. They eat books, dead skin cells, and various other starchy materials and also thrive in dark, damp rooms.

Once you have actually identified you have a problem, you can do away with silverfish by capturing them, repelling them, eliminating them with pesticides, or making your home less congenial. There are lots of choices to try, so understand that you might need to experiment and execute several techniques to totally repair your silverfish issue.

how to get rid of silverfish

Learn facts about silverfish

Silverfish look

Silverfish are about 1/2 inch long, with a consistent silvery color over the top surface area. Their bodies are long and slim. They are wide at their head with a gradual tapering towards their back.

Silverfish biology and habits

  • Silverfish need a large supply of starchy foods or mold and mildews to make it through. Their diets are high in protein, sugar, or starch, consisting of cereals, wet wheat flour, the starch in book bindings, and also paper on which there is glue or paste.
  • As they are thought about a nuisance parasite because they feed upon wallpaper pastes, natural fabrics, books, and also documents. Silverfish additionally feed upon mold and mildew as well as fungi that grow on a selection of various other surfaces.
  • Fast-moving and also can take a trip throughout the buildings. Once they locate a great resource of food, they stay near it.
  • It undergoes a 3 phase life process called progressive metamorphosis, whereas most insects have a four-stage life process (complete metamorphosis). Silverfish can lay eggs at any moment during the year. The eggs take 19-43 days to hatch. The life process from silverfish egg to adult is three to 4 months.
  • Although Silverfish are nighttime, yet they are also active in dark locations throughout the frameworks they live in. They can be an issue all year.
  • You might see silverfish trapped in sinks as well as bathtubs because they go into seeking dampness as well as are unable to climb up a glossy upright surface area to run away.
  • Silverfish might assault material if there is leftover food fragments (spilled cokes as well as various other starchy carbohydrates) or locations of stained materials (sweat). They will certainly not eat the fabric for a compound like clothes moths, yet will certainly harm the fiber trying to get to the compounds on the material.

Silverfish discovery and signs of invasion

  • Silverfish molt throughout their lives. Discovering their cast skin is an excellent indication that silverfish are present.
  • Finding little uneven shaped holes in textiles is a typical indication of silverfish. Uneven shaped openings in wallpaper is another indicator because they such as to eat the glue.
  • Silverfish might leave a yellowish stain on the fabric. Firebrats will certainly feed thoroughly on rayon, whereas silverfish normally harm it just a little.
  • Outside, silverfish might be located in nests. These nests can come from various other bugs, birds, as well as creatures. They also live under tree bark and also mulch. They are in some cases located in timber roof shingles or home sidings on residences.
  • Inside, silverfish are found nearly anywhere that is dark and also humid.

how to get rid of silverfish

Why do silverfish attack your residence

Like the majority of bugs, silverfish like to attack our homes due to the fact that there is a wealth of food as well as a lack of predators. Human homes additionally have a lot of dark, damp hiding locations where they can live their little scary nocturnal lives. All of these elements combined create a silverfish paradise where they can consume as high as they desire, live without the concern of being hunted, and create adults to howl like kids when they run over their foot at night.

Do silverfish bite, are they unsafe

The good news: they don’t bite or spread disease amongst humans. They mostly hang around since they like munching on starchy stuff like paper, adhesive, completely dry products, as well as cereal boxes. That, and dead skin cells (shudder). Although they do not generally do moth-level damages, they have been understood to make holes in apparel as well as various other textiles.

How to keep silverfish away

Wipe and spray

Silverfish do not delight in the odor of citrus or lavender. Use this to your benefit by making homemade cleaning spray making use of orange vital oil. (Note: orange-scented industrial cleaners will certainly not have the very same impact considering that their fragrance is synthetic.) Use this spray to clean cooking area cupboards inside and out, along with home appliances, cupboards under sinks, as well as walls.

Caulk as well as seal

In cozy areas, silverfish online outdoors, however, go into houses when the temperature levels rise and the dirt dries. Take a look around your home windows as well as underneath your doors for voids that silverfish can crawl with, and also secure them with caulk or weatherstripping. Not just will this step additionally aid cut your energy expenses, yet it will certainly additionally prevent other parasites from entering your house, also.


Silverfish thrive in wet, moist environments, states James Norton of Fantastic Bug Control in London. Take away their favorite conditions by utilizing a dehumidifier in moist cellars, sealing up dripping pipes, as well as ensuring the shower room is well ventilated. You must likewise keep the weather out by sealing up exterior splits with caulk as well as ensuring seamless gutters and downspouts are clear so water can run down and away.

Flavor it up

Cedar does not simply repel moths, it keeps silverfish away, as well. So do cinnamon, cloves, and also bay leaves. Hang sachets filled with several of these seasonings in cupboards and put them on shelves behind publications to keep the locations pest-free.

Try some traps

To accelerate these management techniques, including a couple of catches into the mix. You can get tiny packages developed to trap as well as poisonous substance silverfish with boric acid.

Hide them in places where you’re most likely to experience the scary crawlies, like bookshelves, cabinet as well as desk drawers, under the sink, and in the cellar as well as attic. Note that boric acid can be toxic if swallowed, so keep the catches where kids and family pets can’t get to them as well as away from where you keep food.

how to get rid of silverfish

Try electronic pest repellent

If you’re lazy to do all the above things to get rid of silverfish, you can try X-PEST indoor pest repellent. Never bothered by any pests in your house.

Complying with these tips carefully should free your residence of silverfish within two weeks.



Q: How do I get rid of silverfish in my bed?

A: Put out some cedar, or spray crevices with cedar oil. Silverfish reportedly don’t like the stuff and steer clear.

Long term, you also want to deal with any moisture problems:

  1. Use a dehumidifier.
  2. Install a better bathroom fan for showers.
  3. Clear the perimeter around your home of leaves and other damp debris.

Q: How do you get rid of silverfish in books?

A: Good Book Keeping

  1. Place an infested book in a plastic bag and pop in the freezer for a day which will kill off the larvae and insects.
  2. Treat mildewed by wiping away mold with a very lightly moistened cloth with a solution of one part vinegar to eight parts water.



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