How to Get Rid of Termites

There are more than 2,300 known varieties of termites around the globe, with over 50 in the U.S. However despite their important eco-friendly role of consuming and recycling dead timber and also plants, they cause over $1 billion in home damages every year.

So how to get rid of termites becomes more vital. Because all residences are built with some degree of wood-based products, your best primary step as a homeowner is to inform yourself concerning termites.

how to get rid of termites

Identifying termite varieties


Here are a few of the most typical termite varieties found in the U.S., the first step to solve how to get rid of termites is to know how to identify it. Below ground termites are one of the most common species located throughout the UNITED STATE.

The leading 3 most intrusive varieties of this kind, including the Eastern below ground, Western subterranean and also the Formosan below ground termites.


Eastern below ground termites are one of the most common and can be discovered on the east shore in states like Georgia and also as far west as Utah. Western subterranean termites are mostly discovered along the west coast and also inland through to Nevada.

– Formosan termites – are a specifically major sort of subterranean termite, but are not as common. Formosan subterranean termites are located mainly in Louisiana, Mississippi, along the Gulf coast.

– Drywood termites – can additionally be located in the United States, sometimes nearer to the shore although they do not require wetness to endure. They are prevalent along the gulf coast as well as on the west shore in The golden state. Drywood termites usually get in structures near the roofline or other revealed wood to start constructing a nest. Examine your attic for proof of damaged wood. Search for small openings in the wood with proof of frass gathering nearby. Penetrating the wood can additionally subject galleries too.

– Dampwood termites – stay in wet and also deteriorating wood and compost, and can usually be discovered near open water. They can enter your house with wood that fulfills wet soil.


Signs of termites

How would you know that your house has been struck by termites?

You need to be aggressive regarding avoiding your home from termites. Here are a few signs that will certainly aid you to understand that termites have plagued your home.

  • Blisters in wood flooring

Dark locations or sores in timber flooring can suggest termites feeding within or below.

  • Hollowed or damaged timber

Hollowed timber normally has a honeycomb inside and also a vacant sound.

  • Proof of flocks

After swarming, termites usually leave disposed of wings. There might also be numerous black or brownish dead termites discovered.

  • Mud tubes

Mud tubes the width of a drinking straw link termites to their food source.

  • Drywood termite droppings

Piles of pellets, appearing like sawdust or coffee premises, can suggest the existence of termite waste.

How to get rid of termites?


How to get rid of dry wood termites

  1. Electrocution

This may seem strange, yet this is just one of the most efficient methods of eradication termites.

It is not required to pierce holes yet if you do so it will certainly be a lot more efficient.

  1. Orange oil

Orange oil is just the extract from the orange peel. It is not soluble in water.

You ought to be really careful in handling this oil as it threatens for humans.

If your consumption the oil by mistake you may suffer from belly troubles. Additionally, it will aggravate your skin or eyes.

Orange oil is made use of to deal with a range of insects by damaging their cell membrane layers.

You require to pierce a tiny hole in the plagued wood and also pour the oil into the hollow rooms. Results will be seen within a week or 2.

  1. Sunshine

As discussed previously, sunshine is one of the most non-cost reliable methods to kill termites.

Termites like darkness and also when revealed to light and also warmth can assist in sweeping them off. For instance, if your table or chair is plagued, you can take them out in the sunlight and leave it for 2-3 days.


How to get rid of subterranean termites?

  1. Boric acid

Boric acid is an all-natural insecticide that dehydrates the pests as well as stops their nervous system. You might coat or spray the timber with boric acid.

Please beware. This acid can be hazardous if breathed in.

You require to utilize mask as well as gloves while making use of the acid. Keep your pet dogs and also kids far from this substance.

  1. Nematodes

Nematodes are worm varieties that keep an eye out for hosts like termites. It can be utilized in a spray type that will kill termites in around 48 hours.

Nematodes are not hazardous to plants, humans or pets. They only focus on bugs as well as ruin their nest in no time.

Keep in mind that nematodes must be utilized quickly. If you are not using them promptly after that keep it in a fridge.

Utilize them either in the morning or after sunset.

  1. Insect bombs

Pest bombs contain fluid pesticide as well as are readily available in pressurized aerosol cans. They are easily readily available at grocery stores.

When splashed, it falls on the flooring and various other areas. After termites been available in call with this poisonous substance, they pass away.

The bombs, nevertheless, do not pass through the wood or reach termite nests. Wear a mask when you utilize the pest bomb.

how to get rid of termites

How to prevent termites


You’ve known how to get rid of termites, then people who have no termites invade should learn how to prevent termites.

After setting up positive preventions such as displays, sand, and removing termite feeding resources, it is necessary to see to it a home’s pipes are doing properly. Any kind of water leaks from the pipes can become a homing beacon for termites. These pests prey on cellulose materials, yet they additionally require to have water. Without water existing, there won’t be termites.

What happens if it rains on a regular basis? Although you can’t quit the rainfall, you can protect against water from pooling up around a structure. If there are standing pools of water that develop after every rainfall after that do something about it to eliminate the places where water gathers together because that will certainly additionally be where the termites will gather together.

Cleaning your seamless gutter system is additionally crucial. Blocked gutters are going to leakage which will certainly produce a water resource right near a residence’s foundation. If the seamless gutter system gets rid of water freely right into the lawn, think about mounting basins rather than making sure that the rainfall has a straight drainage system to utilize rather than developing wet places on the lawn.

Having a great airflow throughout a residence is additionally really vital. Excellent blood circulation stops dampness accumulation which naturally protects against termites from creating a nest. This is especially essential around the washroom of a home. Mount venting fans at the greatest location of the ceiling because hot air with water vapor climbs to prevent moisture from sticking around along the walls and creating the wetness that termites are most likely to hunger for.



Q: What is the best home remedy for termites?

A: White vinegar is another effective method to control termite infestations in small areas.

  1. Mix together ½ cup of white vinegar and the juice of 2 lemons.
  2. Pour this solution into a spray bottle.
  3. Spray the mixture onto any area where you see termites.
  4. Repeat twice daily for a few days.

Q: How is termite infestation treated?

A: First, a trench is dug around the foundation, and the soil is treated with a termiticide. The trench is then refilled. This type of treatment helps prevent future termite infestations and kills any termites in the house as they to return to the soil to nest.



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