How to Remove Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers use their sharp expenses to peck openings in trees. After that stick their lengthy, barbed tongues inside to poke around for insects.

Woodpeckers likewise drum to scout their territory and locate companions. If a woodpecker sights your house as its area, it may trigger exterior damages and annoy you. Find out just how to maintain woodpeckers far from your residence as well as building.

Can woodpeckers transmit the disease to people

While woodpeckers present no risks to human health or safety, they can cause extensive building damage. They may dig deep into house siding or timber on a residence’s exterior, use it to nest or forage for food. This creates openings through which bugs like termites, woodworker ants, carpenter, as well as rats can attack. These openings additionally enable water to leakage inside and also cause wood to rot or decay.

how to get rid of woodpeckers

Why woodpeckers in my home

  • Food: Woodpeckers consume pests, so many woodpeckers on your property might point to an insect problem. Dealing with the insect issue might make your residential property much less attractive to woodpeckers.
  • Environment: Woodpeckers nest in trees or various other wood frameworks. If you stay in or near a wooded location, you are most likely to see or listen to these birds near your house. If your residence has endured damage from excavators like woodworkers or ants, it will certainly be a lot more appealing to woodpeckers trying to find a residence.
  • Weather condition and also Location: Most breeds of woodpeckers do not migrate, which suggests that you might see them year-round. Though they live throughout the UNITED STATE, they may like warmer climates and also are less typical in the Southwest.
  • Home Characteristics: Research studies have revealed that woodpeckers are most attracted to homes with grooved wooden house siding. They are least attracted to homes with metal or plastic exteriors in lighter colors. Additionally, woodpeckers have been shown to favor all-natural, unpainted timber to timber that has actually been ended up.

Methods to maintain woodpeckers off your house and yard

Now, you understand all about the woodpeckers as well as the lawful facets around their control, and also all you need to understand are the approaches that you can utilize to get rid of them besides making sure they never return back. The only point you require to keep in mind before following any of these strategies is that you cover the openings or splits made by the birds with some POP (Plaster) or sheet steel till they have actually left your premises.

Scare Balloons

Frightening the woodpeckers off your building is an effective technique when there are very few of them. Likewise, this approach will certainly work only for a long time, so it is suggested that as soon as you have terrified the woodpeckers away, you start with the prevention methods since they will not steer clear of for a very long time (a week tops) as they’ll identify that the balloons are not a danger to them. This approach is not pricey in all as well as will aid you to maintain woodpeckers away.

For this, you will certainly require any type of balloons large enough to appear like an owl’s size. There are likewise helium-filled mylar balloons available in the marketplace that you can utilize. If you are able to locate a balloon in the shape of a flying killer, then you have actually struck it rich, but if not, you can make the scary predator-like eyes, looking like a marauder, hawk, owl, etc. on the balloons as well as position them at the marked areas. This will easily scare the birds off for some time.

The placement of these balloons is very vital as you need to keep them before the affected location that has actually currently been pecked on by the bird.

Additionally, you need to keep altering the placement of this balloon to make the woodpecker think that it is a real bird. You can additionally get rid of the balloon and afterward hang it somewhere else to make the scenario a lot more practical. The even more artistic you can get concerning it, the much better is the opportunity to scare them away.

Flash Tape

how to get rid of woodpeckers

This is an additional scare strategy to keep the woodpeckers away from your residence and also lawn. This tape, which is made use of to terrify the birds, is made up of mylar. This appears like a thin shiny bow that is silver on one side as well as tinted on the other. Its positioning is performed in an extremely strange way to ensure that it shows the sunshine and flashes it in the bird’s eyes as it tries ahead near it.

In windy locations, this bow will certainly make a sound that appears like rattling. This noise will certainly likewise assist you to frighten and maintain the birds away. Once again, this is simply a short-term approach as the tapes will fly away offering the woodpeckers a possibility to pass through once more. So, it is suggested that you safeguard your surroundings with the avoidance approaches to maintain the situation controlled.

Select a windy location around your residence, together with the already-affected area, as well as tack a lot of long lengths of this bow around. The wind must be able to move them to make the rattling noise as it is very important in keeping the woodpeckers out of your properties.

Look for any shed bows and also replace with brand-new ones frequently to maintain your scare techniques functioning. You can additionally make use of old CDs as well as pie pan together with these ribbons to mix the atmosphere up and also make it a lot more made complex for the woodpeckers. Simply make sure that the tins can relocate and also rotate in the wind openly.

Sidetrack with Suet

Installing a suet feeder won’t do away with woodpeckers. It will possibly distract them from placing extra holes in your home. People work at a wild bird store, have actually suggested putting the suet feeder near to the location being harmed. It’s one of the most gradually relocating the feeder, day by day, away from that area. Till the woodpeckers stop being familiar with feeding on the suet as opposed to your home. Keeping suet feeders out in cozy weather may inadvertently coat the woodpecker’s plumage with suet. So keep an eye out for any damage the feeder might be doing to its customers.

Discourage with Light

If the suet feeder isn’t functioning, visual deterrents maybe your following step towards doing away with woodpeckers. Anesthetic deterrent can be just about anything that moves or shows light. A lot of bird control suppliers sell silhouettes of predacious birds like hawks or falcons. They might be hung near the area of your home woodpeckers are damaging the most. However, woodpeckers will get accustomed to static visual deterrents and ignore them. Strips of aluminum foil hung from awnings or pieces of string nailed sideways of your house. They are considered among the extra effective kinds of aesthetic woodpecker deterrents.

Repel with ultrasonic system

Pro 8-Speaker Bird Repellent System from X-PEST combines sonic and ultrasonic technology to repel birds with 8 powerful speakers. It can emit sounds to confuse and intimidate birds, so they will not linger when exposed to these sounds.

how to get rid of woodpeckers


Q: Why is a woodpecker pecking on my house?

A: Woodpeckers usually hammer on houses for one of four reasons: Because it makes a satisfyingly loud noise that proclaims the bird’s territory and attracts a mate. If the birds are drumming for these reasons, they will most likely stop once breeding has begun in the spring (they don’t drum when looking for food).

Q: What are woodpeckers afraid of?

A: Scare The Woodpecker Away – For as much noise as a woodpecker can make, they actually do not like other loud sounds. … You can also use plastic molds of those birds of prey the woodpecker is afraid of. They include owls or hawks but they have to be realistic for the deception to work.



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