How to Get Rid of Woodworm

Getting rid of woodworm is essential for the health of your residential property.

An active woodworm invasion in your property is brought on by the larvae of wood-boring beetles feeding upon the lumber structure of your property. This leaves a network of passages that can have a significant influence on structural integrity.

If you want to discover more details on how to do away with woodworm, this page will certainly cover Do It Yourself as well as expert services.


Facts about woodworm

What does a woodworm resemble

Woodworm larvae are normally a luscious white color and have actually curved bodies. It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever, in fact, see woodworm larvae, as they stay concealed biting away on timber until they are fully-grown. Grown-up wood uninteresting beetles look various depending upon their species, the Common Furniture beetle is a brown winged beetle, normally 3-4mm in length.

how to get rid of woodworm

Lifestyle and food

The woodworm drills openings in wooden frameworks to conceal from danger and opponents in the outside world, however likewise to feed upon the wood that is released when excavating the hallways. The beetle larvae continue to be in the timber up until they are ready to pupate, after which they will eventually fly away as a beetle.

Processed wood does not such as the woodworm larva, which implies that you will find them in large numbers on trusses, unprocessed furnishings and art things in residences. They have a preference for softwood, especially sapwood is often the target of the woodworm

Adversaries of the woodworm

The wood beetle and also woodworm normally have no certain adversaries that target them. It is feasible that a beetle or larvae are eaten by, as an example, birds searching for food. Various other hostile bugs that attack the wood can likewise jeopardize the woodworm.


What are the indications of woodworm?

If you’re not exactly sure whether you have woodworm in your house, there are a couple of indications to seek that will certainly aid you to detect an infestation.

Seeing one of these signs by itself isn’t always a cause for issue, but if you see numerous, it could be worth calling out an expert who can confirm whether your house has active woodworms.

how to get rid of woodworm

  1. Little openings in wood surface areas: If you spot little, rounded holes in wooden surfaces within your house, this might be an indicator that woodworms are present. The holes often tend to be roughly 2mm in size, as well as similar in look to the holes on a well-used dartboard.
  2. Powdery dirt: Woodworms eliminate fine, grainy dirt known as frass. You might discover this on or near wood furniture, typically bordering the small holes explained over. These 2 checks in the mix are a solid indicator that you have an active woodworm infestation.
  3. Crumbly timber edges: If the edges of floorboards, joists as well as various other timber within your house program signs of crumbling, this may be a sign that a woodworm infestation has been energetic for some time.
  4. Beetles surrounding lumber: The name woodworm explains numerous types of beetle larvae, consisting of:
  • Woodboring weevils
  • Residence longhorn beetles
  • Common furniture beetles

If you find the adult bugs in your house, there’s an opportunity their worm-like larvae are feeding inside your wooden furniture, floorboards or joists.

Why is the woodworm in your house?

Woodworm may have entered a residence on an item of old furnishings or plagued hardwood. Bear this in mind when antique shopping– if there are fresh signs of woodworm in a piece, provide it a vast berth.

The adult beetles lay agitate, or simply under the surface of, an item of wood; the larvae after that prey on it prior to pupating and hatching out. The cycle is after that repeated.

The larvae like their wood habitat to have a higher dampness content than is regular, so it’s most likely, if you find woodworm trouble in your home, that there is likewise an issue with excess moist, whether in a badly aerated roofing or damp cellar. Nevertheless, wet problems are not a must.


How to do away with woodworm in the furniture?

how to get rid of woodworm

Comply with those actions listed below to eradicate woodworm in furniture:

  • Step 1. Scan the damages. First, you require to ensure you’re handling a woodworm. Are there any openings? Do you listen to the periodic fracturing audio from your furnishings? If of course, right here’s what you need to do following.
  • Step 2. Establish whether the furnishings can be conserved. The majority of the time, the woodworm would be consuming the most upper layers of the timber furnishings, while leaving the core and also possibly also the bordering locations unblemished. This way, you’ll only need to treat a certain spot. Nonetheless, if the framework appears weak, it might be much better to just toss it away.
  • Step 3. Purchase a commercial woodworm therapy option including Permethrin. The items options you’ll locate on the market today come in large tubes as well as are very concentrated. Some you will certainly need to water down with water and also some not. Read the label very carefully before use. Some products are for a details type of woodworm, while others are global. If you are not sure what product to get, you can think about booking an evaluation as well as having your lumbers treated professionally.
  • Step 4. Wear safety equipment. You’ll require to place on a gas mask, considering that you’ll be working with a hazardous chemical.
  • Step 5. Get rid of coating and paint. Obtain some sandpaper as well as sand the ravaged section of your furnishings piece. Any type of coating or paint needs to be gotten rid of before using the product.
  • Step 6. Splash the service over the broken location. This will eliminate anything living within. Recoat the surface area of the damaged wood.
  • Step 7. Plug an X-PEST indoor ultrasonic repellent to prevent woodworm invading.


Q: Can I treat woodworm myself?

A: If your woodworm problem only affects small items such as furniture, you can effectively treat it yourself using the right techniques and treatments. You can easily treat Common Furniture beetles with a brush, dip or spray application of a Permethrin-based woodworm treatment on all timbers affected by woodworm.

Q: Does cold kill woodworm?

A: The second method is freezing and only applies to furniture. It is only really applicable if you can live without a piece of furniture for a while. Essentially, the furniture is taken to a walk-in freezer and left there for a few weeks. Any sub-freezing temperatures will kill the woodworm and beetles.




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