How to Kill Mosquito Larvae

Mosquitoes, in fact, obtain all their nourishment fruit and plant nectars. which might leave you wondering, “Then what the hell are they attacking me for?” That’s why we should kill mosquito larvae.

Excellent concern. When it concerns mosquitoes, it’s just the fairer sex that feels this blood desire. That’s ’cause she needs healthy protein in blood to aid her eggs to establish.

As well as she’s got a lot of eggs– women mosquitoes can injure to 300 eggs each time.

how to kill mosquito larvae

The life process of mosquitoes

After a blood meal, females rest a couple of days and create 100-400 or more eggs. These they usually deposit on the water, flying close and tapping the abdomen onto the surface. Eggs hatch in a couple of days and invest concerning a week as “wrigglers.” The pupal phase lasts 2-3 days, after which grownups arise, climbing up out onto the water surface area. Grownups mate within a couple of days, as well as females,  begin looking for blood. The life cycle generally takes a few weeks, however, when problems are right, it can take just 10 days.

Find mosquitoes larvae around your home

When you get on the search for mosquito larvae, you’ll only have to scout around your property as well as seek any size as well as the volume of standing water– from a fish pond at the rear of your home to a clogged up gutter. Mosquito larvae can additionally prosper in swimming pools or perhaps in exterior structures such as a fountain right outside your residence.

Mosquito larvae resemble small hairworms incorporating less than half an inch in size. They hang themselves upside down near the surface of the water as well as move around in a twitching activity.

How to kill mosquito larvae

Getting rid of mosquito larvae can be done in numerous ways. Basically, the sort of solution depends on the sort of standing water you’ve jumped on your hands.

Every scenario is different, so it’s best to have a look at the circumstances below to enlighten yourself on the appropriate means to destroy the larvae in your exact situation.

Eliminating larvae in a swimming pool

how to kill mosquito larvae

As a big body of standing water (and also usually filled with people that bring in mosquitoes), the pool is just one of the leading prospects for the mosquito larvae to thrive. And also in cases of larvae problems, you have numerous choices to think about for reliable control.

You can use methoprene granules which primarily work by avoiding mosquito larvae from developing right into their adult phase. This specific larvicide is outfitted with an IGR (mosquito growth regulatory authority). The formula permits the larvae to proceed into their pupal phase yet prevents them from becoming adult mosquitoes. The effectiveness of the solution can last for 3 to 4 weeks.

BTI dunks are likewise a choice in getting rid of mosquito larvae in your swimming pool. Extra typically called mosquito dunks, these circle designed larvicide with a small opening at the facility consists of bacteria that are developed to be eaten ultimately by mosquito larvae and also initiate digestive tract poisoning. BTI means Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis as well as deal month-long defense.

As well as maybe the simplest method to do away with mosquito larvae in your pool is by using bleach service right into the water. And we are speaking about the exact same bleach solution that we commonly utilize to eliminate spots from our white garments. It’s the salt hypochlorite component of the bleach option that works in getting rid of mosquito larvae. To securely apply the option into the pool, mix 1 tbsp of bleach with 1 gallon of water.

Eliminating larvae in a fish pond or lake

how to kill mosquito larvae

Due to their all-natural wealth, fish ponds and lakes are amongst the favored nesting premises of mosquitoes. You can utilize BTI soaks here since these are natural measures, and also are verified secure on humans and wildlife.

An eco-friendly and also commonly forgot idea is to apply cinnamon oil service (15% cinnamon oil with 85% water). Cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, eugenol, and also anethole are the four major parts of cinnamon oil that eliminate mosquito larvae specifically those of the Aedes Egyptian species. The advantage of this alternative is that you get to appreciate the wonderful as well as the delicious odor of the service while efficiently removing the larvae problem in your nearby fish pond or lake.

Eliminating larvae in a water fountain

Water fountains in our parks are considered a tourist attraction for vacationers and also a relaxing spot for residents also.

However, these water supplies do not simply draw in individuals seeking to break a fast shot for their social media feed– they also tempt in women mosquitoes wanting to lay eggs! In an attempt to manage larvae invasion, you can use remedies used in swimming pools, fish ponds, and lakes. These consist of using mosquito dunks, cinnamon oil, bleach solution, as well as methoprene granules.

How to kill mosquito larvae normally


A thin finishing of oil in addition to water stifles mosquito larvae, eliminating them swiftly. Use all-natural oils, such as olive oil or grease, for this control method. You also can make use of cinnamon oil. You only require 1 tsp of oil per gallon of water. Do not utilize this technique on fish ponds and also various other bodies of water that contain fish.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding apple cider vinegar to standing water properly kills mosquito larvae however calls for around 18 hours to do the job. Entirely non-toxic, vinegar eliminates mosquito larvae at a ratio of 15 percent vinegar to 85 percent water. Make certain you make use of adequate vinegar; lower concentrations don’t eliminate the larvae. Vinegar is environmentally risk-free, so utilize more than essential when unsure. Vinegar additionally can be used as a mosquito repellent.


Equipment shops generally stock mosquitocidal soap to aid garden enthusiasts regulate parasites. Any type of soap, nonetheless, will work. To get rid of mosquito larvae, put simply some meal soap or shampoo right into standing water. A solitary milliliter of soap in a gallon of water will eliminate most mosquito larvae in a day.


Although not eco-friendly, family bleach is an efficient mosquito larvae killer. Use bleach only as a last hope as well as just if you are sure an overflow can not enter a water resource or damage wild animals. Frequently made use of to clean larvae from the gutter, a tbsp of bleach per gallon of standing water will eliminate larvae. For continuous security, take into consideration cleaning your seamless gutters with a 1-to-1 solution of bleach and also water.


Though not a house product, mosquito dunks are an outstanding way to safely eliminate mosquito larvae. These doughnut-shaped rings consist of microorganisms (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) that are toxic just to mosquito larvae. Each dunk deals with a water surface approximately 100 square feet and lasts about a month. Although deadly to mosquito larvae, these bacteria are harmless to pets as well as wildlife. Simply drop the dunk in the water you desire to treat, and you’ve ended up. The same germs are offered in pellet form to deal with smaller sized areas of standing water.

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Q: Will mosquito larvae die out of water?

A: Larger larvae can be seen floating just above the surface of infested waters. Larvae and pupae usually cannot survive without water. If a water source evaporates before the larvae and pupae within it transform into adult mosquitoes, that young often will die. Within seven to ten days, larvae enter the pupal stage.

Q: How do you keep mosquito larvae out of PET water?

A: Consider using a pet fountain for outdoor pet water. A fountain moves the water constantly so mosquitoes will not lay larvae in it. Add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar per gallon of water to the fountain’s reservoir to deter mosquitoes from laying eggs in it.



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