7 Mice Trapping Mistakes You Could Be Making

Rodents, such as rats and mice, they are storage pests that we need to get rid of to ensure that our harvests are secure. To do this, we require a mice trap, better a no-kill mousetrap. The basic mice trap only requires to be set, with bait on it and then waiting for the mice to get caught. Setting the traps needs to be simple, efficient and as quick as possible. However, we often make mistakes while setting the trap thereby reducing the efficiency of the trap. Here are the seven mistakes that you may be commonly making when using traps and how you can avoid them.

I. You may be messing with your bait. 

This is a common mistake that you may be doing. Messing up means that you are handling the bait with your bare hands. Most rodents including the mice can detect the scent in the bait, and if they feel threatened by the smell in your trap, they may keep away from it.

How to avoid this. Always wear gloves when handling all your baits. By doing this, the mice won’t be able to detect your scent.

II. You may be using the wrong bait.

The type of bait used is another crucial thing when it comes to mice trapping. Mainly, rodents are grain and nut eaters, and so when setting the trap, you should consider using foods like peanut butter and hazelnut spread. Also, it is good to consider the season. For an instant, in cold seasons, the mice usually are searching for materials that they can use to make a warm nest. In such a case, using cotton wool as bait would be useful.

The solution to wrong baits. Using the wrong bait lowers the chances of you catching the mice. To avoid this, use the bait that the mice yearn for.

III. You may be using too much bait. 

The mice trap is controlled by a spring and that means that a certain amount of force is required to trigger the trap. When you use a large portion of food as bait, the mice can eat it without having to apply any force and hence will not get caught.

How to avoid this. Use only a small portion of bait. With a little bait, the mice will struggle to acquire it and get caught in the process.

IV. You may be expecting too much from your mice trap. 

Mice are cunning creatures. They first learn about new places and objects in the place before settling. You may set your trap and catch nothing yet you are sure there are mice in your house. Don’t be discouraged by this.

Solution. Immediately you notice that there are mice in your house, don’t rush to set your trap. You should entice the mice by putting bait in the areas you notice their presence or setting electronic traps or no-kill mousetrap for a few days. When they get used to the place, set your trap.

V. You may be putting your trap in the wrong place. 

Rodents such as the mice hate open places. They also like to move along the wall where they can easily navigate. They also like to hide and run under objects where they can rarely be seen, hence why you will probably get allergies before you actually see one of these pests in your home. Setting the no-kill mousetrap in an open lighten place is the worst mistake that you can make.

Solution. Always set your trap in hidden places under objects and along the walls. By doing so, you are taking your bait to the mice territory where they can easily access it.

VI. You are using a few traps. 

Rodents such as mice reproduce first and in large numbers. A single mouse can give birth to seven babies within 21 days. With an established habitat in your house, they can multiply within a concise period. With one trap, you can hardly eliminate them.

Solution. To be able to eliminate the fast-growing mice population in your house, use many mice traps and put them close together, this is the same strategy that professionals use.

VII. You may be starting your trapping without better plans. 

Have you been trying to eliminate mice in your home and failing every time? Maybe you are not planning your trapping. Mostly, we set traps at night because that is the time the mice are active. For your first night, you may be setting few traps and hence only catching one mouse and discouraging the others from the trap.

Solution. To eliminate the mice in your house, set the many traps using different baits for your first night. This way, you will catch a large number, and the survivors may even flee.

Now you know. Avoid these mistakes and follow the simple strategic solutions provided and rodents will never be a problem to you



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