Indoor mosquito killer (EM01-1W)

● Give out attractive light to seduce the flying insects such as flies,moths,mosquitoes etc.

● Metal grids with high voltage will electrocute the insects inside.

● Non-clogging and rustless grid makes high efficiency.

● Well-designed light tube (UV rays) is harmless to human beings and pets.

● Outer mesh protects human from touching the grids and geting electric shock.

● No chemicals involved, no fumes, no smell, no sprays, no mess and pollution free.

● Ideal for indoor use as house, store, office,hospital, factory etc.


The best mosquito killer is designed to spread UV light to lure flying and biting insects into an electrically charged grid. Dead insects are collected in the detachable, easy to empty tray.

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Perfect for use in the home, offices, restaurants and any commercial premises.Best mosquito killer

Installation of best mosquito killer

1. Before working, ensure the local voltage and frequency is fit for the unit, and earth wire works.

2. Place the unit at or near entrances such as doors or windows. The unit should be placed at height of 2.6~4 ft.

3. Pull the plug out and plug the unit into the lower socket of a 110V-AC wall outlet.

4. Keep windows and doors close and light out while using.

5. Clean the collection tray as following shown.

6. Cut off power supply before cleaning and repairing the unit.Best mosquito killer

It’s harmless to pregnant women and children because there is very little sound or radiation while working. The mosquito zapper has the advantages of simple structure and reasonable design. It’s free of chemicals, poisons, breathable toxins and foul smell.Best mosquito killer Best mosquito killer


Model No.EM01-1W
Input Voltage120V 50Hz
Wattage 1W
Dimension 2.38*3.44*4.72inch
PackageColor box (Customized acceptable)
Color box size126*90*125mm
Carton size525*475*400mm
Qty. per carton60SETS
N. W. per carton12.48KG
G. W. per carton14.78KG

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