Vehicle Rodent Repellent (Marten Repeller AR28)

● Protect vehicles from harmful action of rodents
● Emit ultrasound and blinding light to disturb the auditory and visual nervous system of rodents
● Ultrasonic waves swept quickly and slowly by turns with different time duration
● Rodent Repellent can emit changing ultrasound at frequency 18kHz –36 kHz
● Fuse in the red power line to protect the unit from overcurrent
● Only 0.1W power consumption while ultrasonics and white light releasing
● Auto switch by vibrating sensor detecting signal of vehicles start or stop
● Start to work when vehicles stop, stop working when vehicles start
● Safe for use around children and pets when used as directed
● Support 3 modes of power supply: dry batteries, rechargeable batteries and connect to DC power &vehicle power


High efficiency, harmlessness, low power consumption, and easy to install is the most popular features of marten repellent. Luckily,our product Vehicle Rodent repellent (Marten Repellent AR28)has all the advantages above.

marten repeller

For high efficiency, Rodent Repellent can emit changing ultrasound at frequency 18kHz –36kHz, and emit bright flashes to keep pets rodent or marten away from your properties, garage, warehouses, or vehicles.

Speak of harmlessness, you can enjoy the all-round protection without using poison or other harmful devices, the emitted changing ultrasound is nearly imperceptible to the human ear prevents animals from getting adapted to the noise.


marten repeller


The device includes a vibration sensor, which will switch the device on when the vehicle is stationary. The device will go to standby when detecting a vibration by starting the vehicles.

Working Mode:

  • White blinding light flash every 2s
  • Emit 18-36 kHz ultrasonic sound
  • Red light flashes every 2s


  • Stop to flash white blinding light and emit ultrasound
  • Red light flashes every 5s

Connect with dry batteries is not the only way for power supply, you can install with the vehicle’s battery by cables included or connect directly with adaptor(not included) by DC to USB cable.

marten repeller 



Product Name Vehicle Rodent Repellent
Casing MaterialDurable ABS
Power Supply4*AA batteries,DC 5-12V vehicle
power or adaptor
Working current5 mA
Wattage0.1 W
Working temperature-25 ~ +80 ℃
Sound pressure110dB
Ultrasound frequency18-36 kHz
Dimensions2.95*5.11*1.34 inch (L*W*H)
QTY Per 20' FCL39‘312 PCS


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