Three Waves Integrated Mouse Repellent (AR26 )

  • Modern micro-electronic technology provides a poison-free way to repel mice and common pests
  • 100% safe and eco-friendly, economical choice to chase mice and common pests away
  • 3 kinds of electronic waves work simultaneously and alternatively
  • Super-low electro-magnetic wave works 160 seconds at intervals of 160 seconds
  • 2 kinds of special ultrasonic waves work 80 seconds alternatively
  • Indoors use only to keep your home free of unwanted pests like mice, cockroach, ant, spider, cricket, bug, flea, moth, even mosquito, etc.
  • Application scenes: home, warehouse, shop, restaurant, hotel, hospital, office, etc.


Ultrasonic& electromagnetic Mouse Repellent, Electronic Pest Repellent Indoor Pest Reject Plugin

mouse repellent


1. Plug the Repellent into the socket of AC110-220V/50Hz.
2. The red LED will be flashing which indicates the super-low electromagnetic wave working. Meanwhile, the blue LED will remain which indicates the ultrasonic wave A working.
3. After 80 seconds, the green LED lighting then the blue LED off, the ultrasonic wave B begins working while the ultrasonic wave A stops. They work 80 seconds alternatively.
4. After 160 seconds, the red LED is off, the super-low electro-magnetic wave stops working. It works at intervals of 160 seconds.

mouse repellent


Product NameThree Waves Integrated
Mouse Repellent
Product ModelAR26
Power VoltageAC110V-220V
Product ConsumptionLess than 15W
Frequency of
electro-magnetic wave
Frequency of
Ultrasonic wave A
Frequency of
Ultrasonic wave B
Coverage Area1076 sq. ft. (100㎡)

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