Tools that Scare Deer

Tools that scare deer

Deer that eat up plants and hares that gnaw on stems can easily destroy the finest garden, people may get puzzled by tools that scare deer. It is possible to come a long way in protecting the plants through nets, stem protection and fences. But it seldom suffices all the way and too much protection also removes the joy of having a beautiful garden. It is also possible to avoid the most popular flowers and plants for rodents, but neither is it sustainable in the long run. Deer and hares tend to like what we also like, though in a different way. To get rid of deer and hares, as well as moose, there are no completely safe solutions. But it is possible to reduce the problems properly by scaring them on the flight in different ways.

Odor pads and the loop hangers

Odor pads and loopholes are cheap alternatives to getting rid of deer in the garden. They emit a scent that appears to be very unpleasant for deer, moose and hares. In many cases it is about completely harmless spices, and the control method is both silent and effective. The pillows are hung next to or on the plants to be protected and do not have too much coverage. For a large garden some smell pads are needed. On the other hand, they are cheap. For best effect, the odor pads should often be soaked before hanging out, so they smell properly. Different pillows are used in the summer and in winter and each pillow is effective for about half a year. In some cases, people may interfere with the smell. Carbide, wormwood, tabasco, blood meal, bone meal, antler horn and cayenne pepper can otherwise be used to create odor pads yourself.

Scarecrow Deterrents

The X-PEST scarecrow is a classic on the field and in gardens exposed to bird attacks. There are also other scares to tackle. One of the more effective ones is owls. They have the advantage that they are very environmentally friendly and that they are actually quite effective. This is especially true if certain parts of the doll are movable. They also adorn the garden if they are designed in a neat way. Another fairly effective and simple method is to set up scarecrow ultrasound animal repellent in the garden. It scares off both deer and birds.

Electric Scares

Slightly more advanced it is with scares that emit sound and light when something moves in the garden. Some emit an audible sound to us, while others emit an ultrasound. These are battery powered, or powered by solar cells and some models are hung on the wall with others attached to a skewer that is to be brought down into the ground. With such a scare, everything is driven from birds, cats, dogs and deer on the run. A slightly funny variation on this theme is the guard who rejects unwelcome animals using a water jet.

Electronic Guards

Scaring off pests in the form of rodents using ultrasound is a pretty mother, and actually effective, method. It is also very environmentally friendly. The ultrasound given by these devices comes in the form of pulses and is completely harmless. However, the sound scares off unwanted guests. Just keep in mind that ultrasound does not penetrate matter. So it is important to place the electronic guard, or the guards, strategically. Ultrasound solutions are available for both large and small rodents, ie everything from mice to deer.



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