Indoor bug zapper (MK01)

● Give off attractive light to seduce the flying insects such as flies,moths,mosquitoes etc.
● Metal grid with high voltage current will electrocute the insects inside.
● Plug-and-Play makes it simple to use.
● Folding plug makes the appliance portable and easy to keep.
● Well-designed 4 ultraviolet LEDs are harmless to human beings and pets.
● Outer grille protects human from touching the grids and geting electric shock.
● Removable collection tray provides a safe, clean and no-touch disposal.
● Ideal for indoor use like bedrooms and dining rooms etc.


Bug killer, Plug-In Indoor Bug Zapper gets rid of pesky insects so that you and your loved ones can get a good night’s sleep.

It works by attractive light that attracts insects to the trap where they’re eliminated on contact. This indoor bug zapper is child and pet safe, and it emits a pleasant blue glow that works well as a night light. You can use it indoors in dens, kitchens, garages, basements or anywhere else that needs some pest control and illumination. Even better, its plug can be folded, makes it portable and convenient for traveling.
Bug killer

bug killer


Installation of Bug killer

1. Before working, ensure the local voltage and frequency is fit for the unit, and earth wire works.

2. Place the unit at or near entrances such as doors or windows. The unit should be placed at a height of 2.6~4 ft.

3. Pull the plug out and plug the unit into the lower socket of a 110V-AC wall outlet.

4. Keep windows and doors close and light out while using.

5. Clean the collection tray as following shown.

6. Cut off the power supply before cleaning and repairing the unit.

bug killer

Bug killer

bug killer bug killer


Model No.MK01
Casing Material ABS (Anti-UV)
Input Voltage110V
Grid Current9mA
Grid Power0.6W~0.8W
Total Power Consumption 1W
Wavelength365 nm UVA light
Grid Voltage700V~900V
Coverage200sq. ft. ( 18sq. m.)
PackageColor box (Customized acceptable)
Color box size (1 pack)68*50*105mm
Carton size (1 pack)440*345*330mm
Qty. per carton 108 PCS
N.W. per carton 9.3KG
G.W. per carton 12.2KG
Color box size (2 pack)95*65*102mm
Carton size (2 pack)400*345*326mm
Qty. per carton 60PCS
N.W. per carton 10.74KG
G.W. per carton 13.72KG

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