X-pest is a China-based manufacturer that specializes in producing outdoor pest control products to help homeowners and gardeners effectively deal with unwanted animals in their outdoor space. The company’s range of products includes solar-powered animal repellers, sonic mole repellers, underhood animal repellers, and sonic snake repellers, among others.

The solar-powered animal repeller is a popular product among X-pest customers, as it is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. The device uses solar power to recharge its battery during the day, and then activates at night to repel animals with ultrasonic and flashing LED lights. The repeller is effective against a variety of animals, including rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and deer, without causing them any harm.

Another effective product in the X-pest lineup is the sonic mole repeller. This device uses ultrasonic waves and vibrations to repel moles, gophers, and other underground pests that can damage lawns and gardens. The sonic mole repeller is easy to install and requires no chemicals, making it a safe and environmentally friendly solution to mole infestations.

For those dealing with animals that like to hide under the hood of their car or in their garage, X-pest offers an underhood animal repeller. This device uses ultrasonic waves to repel mice, rats, and other small animals from taking up residence in your vehicle or garage. It is easy to install and operates quietly, making it a convenient and effective solution to animal intrusion.

Lastly, X-pest offers a sonic snake repeller, which uses a combination of ultrasonic waves and vibrations to deter snakes from entering your yard or garden. The device is designed to mimic the sound of natural predators, causing snakes to avoid the area altogether. The sonic snake repeller is an effective and safe alternative to harmful chemicals and traps.

Overall, X-pest’s range of outdoor pest control products provides homeowners and gardeners with a variety of effective solutions to deal with unwanted animals in their outdoor space. With their focus on innovation and environmentally friendly solutions, X-pest is a leading manufacturer in the outdoor pest control industry.