Solar Powered Gopher Repellent With Night Light (T1S)

  • LED lights will be turned on automatically in the evening.
  • Upgraded rechargeable lithium battery, better quality, more stable.
  • Smart design with IC chip, 4 different sonic pulses circularly at different times. The animal won’t get used to it.
  • IP65 waterproof rating, free to use on rainy days.
  • Solar-powered,  charging automatically in the daytime.
  • To repel mole, gopher, vole, and other underground burrowing animals efficiently.


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gopher repellent

What’s the difference between ours and others?  

gopher repellent

How to work?

Unlike other sonic gopher repellents in the market, x-pest solar-powered gopher repellent with night light works a smart way, it will emit 4 different sonic pulses circularly at different times, the animal won’t get used to the sound in this case.

IP65 waterproof rating, free to use on rainy days. 

Compact size can load more in one container 

Technical Parameter 

Product NameSmart Solar Gopher Repellent
Power SupplySolar
Solar Panel2.5V, 50mA; Polysilicon 43*34*2.7mm*2pcs
Working Voltage/Current3.7V/20mA
Battery3.7V, 600mAh, Lithium Battery
Waterproof GradeIP65
Working Mode4 different sonic pulses emitted at different time
DB Value50-60dB
Ultrasonic Frequency400±50 Hz
Coverage AreaUp to 7,000sq.ft

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