Mosquito Zapper (HC-101)

● Give off attractive light to seduce the flying insects such as flies,moths,mosquitoes etc.

● Additional lure helps to attract the flying insects effectively.

● Metal grids with high voltage current will electrocute the insects inside.

● Plug-and Play makes it simple to use.

● Well-designed 4 ultraviolet LEDs are harmless to human beings and pets.

● Outer mesh protects human from touching the grids and geting electric shock.

● Ideal for indoor use as house, store, office,hospital, factory etc.


With the newest upgraded photocatalyst technology, this indoor mosquito killer can attract mosquitoes into the lamp effectively through the strong phototaxis and thermotaxis of mosquitoes and extra built-in bait, then kills the mosquitoes or the bugs by the high voltage.

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Easy to carry and use indoor, just plug into the socket, this mini mosquito killer can kills mosquitoes and flies effectively.
No chemicals, no fumes, non-toxic,100% Safe for children, family, and pets.
Indoor mosquito killer

Installation of indoor mosquito killer

1. Before working, ensure the local voltage and frequency is fit for the unit, and earth wire works.

2. Place the bait as the following steps, the odor will last for 30 days.

3. Plug the unit into the lower socket of a 110V-AC wall outlet.

4. Keep windows and doors close then light out while using.

5. Cut off the power supply before cleaning and repairing the unit.Indoor mosquito killer Indoor mosquito killer Indoor mosquito killer Indoor mosquito killer

Model No.HC-101
Casing Material ABS (Anti-UV)
Power SupplyAC Charging
Input Voltage110V
Wavelength365 nm UVA light
Grid Voltage1200V
Coverage108 sq. ft. (10 sq. m.)
PackageColor box (Customized acceptable)
Color box size115*110*205mm
Carton size545*410*235mm
Qty. per carton20 PCS
N. W. per carton4.44KG
G. W. per carton5.9KG

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