Solar Powered Snake Repellent (VS316D)

● Emit sonic sound for 3 seconds in every 20 seconds

● Solar powered, rechargeable batteries included

● Charging by solar automatically, one solar full charge will last up to 5 days

● Poison-free way to drive away snakes and rodents

● Operates in a circular pattern, approximately 65 ft in semi-diameter, effective coverage is up to 7,500 sq ft

● Will not harm pets


5 Top tips for using the ultrasonic snake repellent and keeping snakes away:

  1. Before installation does give the ultrasonic snake repellent 2 days out in the sun to fully charge up the batteries before you turn them on. This ensures your batteries don’t go flat at night or during periods of overcast weather.
  2. As a further precaution do what you can to make the area around your home less attractive to snakes, so do keep the grass down and clean up any junk piles etc that snakes might use as cover.
  3. Bury the shaft of the Solar Snake Repeller reduces the noise this will improve the performance of the product as well.
  4. Use at least two snake repellers space no more than 25 meters apart.

Install the device in the places of frequent activity for example clothesline, BBQ area & play areas.Ultrasonic snake repellentUltrasonic snake repellentUltrasonic snake repellent


Model No.VS316D
Casing Material ABS+PC Cover
Power SupplySolar
BatteryBuilt-in Rechargeable Battery
Frequency400-1000 Hz
Working ModeUltrasound emitted 3 seconds in every 20 seconds
Power ReserveOne solar full charge will last up to 5 days
Coverage AreaUp to 6, 000 sq. ft. (557㎡)
Waterproof IP ratingIP44 ( Free to use in the rainy day)
PackageColor box (Customized acceptable)
Color box size (1 pack)115*115*302mm
Carton size (1 pack)480*320*460mm
Qty. (1 pack)16 PCS
N.W. per carton (1 pack)2.75 KG
G.W. per carton (1 pack)5.16 KG
Color box size (2 pack)115*115*324mm
Carton size(2 pack)360*335*480mm
Qty. (2 pack)12 SETS
N.W. per carton (2 pack)4.12 KG
G.W. per carton (2 pack)6.5 KG

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