Underhood Animal Repeller ( Marten Repeller AR05)

● Fire-resistant material,  UL 94 V-0, worry-free about the high temperature inside the car engine.

● Vibrating sensor auto detect vehicles start or stop

● Start to work when vehicles stop, stop working when vehicles start

● Emit ultrasound and white flashing light to disturb auditory and visual nervous system of rodents

● Ultrasonic waves swept quickly and slowly by turns with different time duration

● Fuse in red power line to protect the unit from overcurrent

● Only 50mA – 70mA power consumption while ultrasonics and white light releasing ( Current can be customized )


In the USA, most people will call this product under hood animal repellent, but in most European countries, people will name it marten repellent. But actually, it is the same product.

Does our under hood rodent repeller really work?

Following you can check the real testing video.

As you can see from the video, the pointer in the ultrasonic test device (the right one) is vibrating when the repeller is working, which means that the repeller is emiting the ultrasonic sound, and the frequency is variable.

The marten repeller will work continuely until the car moving. And it works at a variable frequency (22-45khz)  at different time, in order to have a better result to repel.

Following is the working mode,

20s →40s →40s→40s→40s→60s→60s→120s ( Cycle working, S=Seconds)

Note: The Under Hood Animal Repeller is operated by vehicle battery, the fire-resistant device that can be easily mounted within any car, tractor, snowmobile, boat or other vehicles. 

Some clients are worry about the vehicle battery will be consumed too fast. To solve this issue, we can reduce the working current to 15-20mAh (It has the same effect)


Product NameUnder Hood Animal Repeller
Model NoAR05
Working Voltage/Current12V/50-70mA
Input Voltage110-220V
AdapterDC 12V
Effective RangeUp to 45㎡(484 sq.ft.)
Ultrasonic Frequency22-45kHz
DB Value90-110 dB
Dim(cm)6.75* 2.13*11.4CM (L*W*H)
QTY Per 20' FCL69,660pcs

Installation of the underhood animal repeller

1. Get an auto service for installation at a garage or operate by technicist.

2. Park your car and turn off the engine. Open the hood of your vehicle, and find an automotive battery.

3. Turn on the power and turn on the switch, link the two connectors with the battery, black lead to the cathode(-), red lead to the anode(+).

4. A red LED and the white light will remain for 3 seconds to indicate the unit is working properly.

5. Place the repeller with the right side up, so that ultrasound can cover the engine compartment.

6. Keep the repeller from dust, and humid environment.

7. When there is a vibration signal trigger circuit (vehicles start), red light flashes, the unit will stop working. 90 seconds after vibration signal stops (vehicles stop), it will work again.

How to connect to the vehicle battery ?

Underhood animal repeller

Package ( Customized package is acceptable)

Underhood animal repellerUnderhood animal repellerUnderhood animal repeller


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