Smart Scarecrow Solar Sonic Animal Repeller (AR20)

● Smart design, auto switch the ultrasonic frequency to repel different animals

● Recycle working, the frequency will be increased step by step, until the animal leaves.

● Motion-activated PIR sensor to detect the animal automatically

● IP 67 waterproof design ( The highest level in the market)

● Solar powered, rechargeable batteries included

● Patented product, support OEM/ODM


The Smart Scarecrow Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repellent is a humane and environmentally friendly device that keeps pest animals away from your property.

It uses a highly specialized thermal sensor that recognizes movement. The high pitched frequencies, alarming sound and flashing light produced by the Repellent are like exposing the intruding pests to an extremely loud and annoying alarm.

These unwelcome guests will become so annoyed and disoriented from this unpleasant noise; they’ll leave and never want to return. Repels animals up to 1600 square feet!

Animal repellent

Four modes working cycle automatically

Animal repellent

How to remove the alarm sound? 

Some of our clients told us that the alarm sound on mode D is too noisy for the people, following is a video to show you that how to remove this sound.

YouTube video

Installation of Animal repellent

1. Before installation, please charge the unit under the sunshine for 12-24 hours, or use a 5V-11V adapter (Not Included) to charge for 8 hours.

2. Assemble the three poles one by one, and connect the aluminum tube to the main parts.

3. Insert the repeller into the ground, fix against the wall, or put on the top of things with flat surface directly as you required.

4. Make a pilot hole prior to inserting into the ground, leave 12cm or higher above ground.

5. Reorient the repeller face to the direction animals invade, and place it under direct sunlight.

Animal repellent Animal repellent Animal repellent Animal repellent

Animal repellent

Animal repellent


Product NameSmart Scarecrow Solar
Animal Repeller
Power SupplySolar or USB
Solar Panel5.5V, 90mA/ Polysilicon 80*43mm
Working Voltage/Current3.6V/50mA
Battery1.2V, 700mAh, 3*AA Ni-MH Battery
Waterproof GradeIP67
Sensor Distance8~10m
Detection Range120°
Ultrasonic Frequency15kHz-50kHz
DB Value90dB-120dB
Dim(cm)10.9*6.5*51.7 (L*W*H)
QTY Per 20' FCL12,608pcs