Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with Night Light(VS-327)

Note: This product has been stopped production, and it is not available anymore. 

●3 in 1 pest repeller boasts electromagnetic waves, ultrasonic waves and night light

● Poison-free way to drive away mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, moths, etc.

● 100% safe and eco-friendly, economical choice to chase pests away

● Emit electromagnetic waves 160 seconds at intervals of 160 seconds

● Two optional working modes for ultrasonic waves: fixed and variable

● Independent switch and sensor for night light to illuminate your dark night

● Indoors use only to keep your home free of unwanted pests


Note: This product has been stopped production, and it is not available anymore. 

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Electronic pest repeller  3-in-1 Indoor Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Pest Repellent help control indoor pests. Its superior unit combines ultrasonic, electro-magnetic and night light. The device will turn the wiring in your walls into a pest-repelling system by using electromagnetic waves to repel animals from the wall and then repel them from the house with the powerful ultrasonic sound signals.

Ideal for rodents, roaches, spiders, crickets, fleas, bed bugs, ants, flies, bees, silverfish, ticks, and other indoor pests.  It is safe for humans and pets with no dangerous chemicals.

Electronic pest repellerElectronic pest repeller


1. Plug the Repeller into the socket of a wall outlet 20cm-80cm away from the ground, then it will emit ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, which is inaudible to humans.
2. Greenlight keeps flashing to indicate emitting ultrasonic waves, slide switch on the right side to select the frequency to “Fixed” or “Variable”.
-“Fixed” keeps the frequency at 50kHz
-“Variable” changes frequency between 20kHz to 40kHz
3. A red light blinks for emitting electromagnetic waves 160 seconds at intervals of 160 seconds.
4. Slide switch on the left side to turn ON/OFF night light
-“ON” activates the sensor to detect surrounding light automatically, and keep night light works only
in darkness
-“OFF” deactivates both night light and sensor.
5. Wipe the unit with a soft dry cloth, and keep it dry.

Electronic pest repeller Electronic pest repeller


Model No.VS-327
Product Weight150g
Power SupplyAC Charging
Input Voltage110V, 50Hz
Power Consumption<3.5W
Fixed Frequency55kHz
Variable Frequency Range20kHz-40kHz
Working Temperature0℃-40℃(32℉-104℉)
Coverage AreaUp to 1,350 sq. ft. (150 sq. m.)
PackageColor box (Customized acceptable)
Color box size75*82*115mm
Carton size395*245*250mm
Qty. per carton30 PCS
N. W. per carton4.5KG
G. W. per carton5KG