Mini Ultrasonic Mice Repeller (UR04)

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This mini ultrasonic rodent repeller can be plugged in and used to drive away indoor mice and pests.

It emits high-frequency sound waves that are inaudible to humans and pets but cause discomfort and fear in rodents, gradually making them stay away from the device’s coverage area.

It is suitable for indoor places such as homes, offices, and restaurants

Product Parameter

Model NumberUR04
Product MaterialABS+PC
Working VoltageAC110-220V
Power Consumption0.2W
Frequency 22-65KHZ
DB Value100-110db
Efective Area50 M2
Dim(cm)6.1*6.1*4.8 (L*W*H)

How to Use

  1. Simply plug this product directly into an AC110 or 220V power socket, and the ultrasonic waves will automatically start working. At the same time, the green, blue, and red indicator lights will alternately illuminate.
  2. Press the button on the side to turn off the indicator lights, while the ultrasonic waves continue to work normally.
  3. This product should work con nuously throughout the year and should not be used intermi ently.
  4. There should be no tall obstacles within 1 meter in front of the product.

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