Indoor Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller (AR12)

● Mini design, consists of ultrasonic speaker, emits varying ultrasound at frequency between 22kHz-30kHz

● Effective in controlling rats, mice, roaches, fleas, crickets, ants and most of common pests

● No chemicals, poisons or traps, safe for your children and pets

● The ultrasound cannot be heard by humans and does not harm people or pets

● Attractive appearance makes it a selection for home use

● Easy to use, plug and play

● Indoor use only


This mini pest repeller is easy to use, and it is ideal for use in small rooms and spaces.   Just plug it in to effectively chases away pests in-home or office!

Ultrasonic Frequencies – the audible sounds emitted are above the range of most human hearing

Installs easily – simply plug in & walk away

Inexpensive, permanent solution

Pest repeller Pest repeller

Installation of pest repeller

1. Plug the Repellent into a lower socket of a wall outlet in the room where rodent activity is suspected.

2. The green LED light at the top of the unit will light up and a soft ‘buzz’ emitted to indicate it’s working properly. ( Note: The tone of this buzz may vary slightly from unit to unit.)

3. Position the unit into a wall outlet close to the floor where the speaker points towards the area of rodent activity.

4. Clear all surroundings on the path of ultrasound travels.

5. Each room requires a minimum of one unit and one unit is enough to cover 15㎡.

For a larger room or an L-shaped room, more than one unit is needed. For best performance, keep the unit on day and night.

Pest repellerPest repellerPest repeller

Pest repeller


Model No.AR12
Frequency Range22,000-30,000 Hz
Input Voltage110V 50Hz
Effective RangeUp to 15M² (160 sq.ft)
PackageColor box ( Customized acceptable)
Color box size( 2 pack)158*95*72mm
Carton size( 2 pack)490*490*380mm
Qty. per carton( 2 pack)75 SETS
N. W. per carton9.67KG
G. W. per carton11.05KG

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