Smart Scarecrow Ultrasonic Animal Repeller (AR01)

● Smart design, auto switch the ultrasonic frequency to repel different animals

● Work circularly, the frequency will be increased step by step, until the animal leaves.

● Motion-activated PIR sensor to detect the animal automatically

● IP 65 waterproof design

● Solar powered, rechargeable batteries included

● USA Patented product, support OEM/ODM


Featuring 4 modes of operation,  Smart Scarecrow Ultrasonic Animal Repeller squirrel deterrent is the most versatile and effective animal repellent on the market!

Unlike other pest repellents that only change modes by hand, this scarecrow animal deterrent can work in the cycle by four pest repellent modes to ensure your property is protected from birds, rats, dogs, cats, fox, snakes, and more!

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Squirrel deterrent

squirrel deterrent

Squirrel deterrent


Product NameSmart Scarecrow
Solar Ultrasonic Repeller
Power SupplySolar or USB
Solar Panel6V, 75-80mA/ Polysilicon 79.5*42.5mm
Working Voltage/Current3.6V/50mA
Battery 3.7V, 600mAh, 3*AA Ni-MH Battery
Waterproof GradeIP65
Sensor Distance10~12m
Detection Range120°
Ultrasonic Frequency15-50kHz
DB Value90-120dB
Dim(cm)10.1*9*43 (L*W*H)
QTY Per 20' FCL12,960pcs

Installation of squirrel deterrent

1. Before installation, please charge the product under the sunshine for 12 hours; or install a new rechargeable battery.

2. Assemble the three poles one by one:top→middle→bottom, then connect the aluminum tube to the main parts (shown as below).

3. Insert the repeller into the ground, fix against the wall, or put on the top of things with flat surface directly as you required.

4. Turn on the product by pressing the button ON/OFF.

5. Reorient the repeller face to the direction animals invade, and place it under direct sunlight.

Squirrel deterrent Squirrel deterrent Squirrel deterrent Squirrel deterrent

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