Ultrasonic Pest Repellent & Air Purifier (AR23)

  • Adopting high-tech methods to give out a kind of peculiar and strong ultrasonic wave
  • Effective in controlling rats, mice, roaches, fleas, crickets, ants and most of the common pests
  • No chemicals, poisons or traps, safe for your children and pets
  • Also produce negative ions (O3) under high-voltage to remove dust and purify the air
  • Attractive appearance makes it a selection for home use
  • 15kHz-35kHz adjustable ultrasonic frequency
  • Three modes are designed perfectly for common household use
  • Easy to use, plug-and-play


Ultrasonic Pest Repellent & Air Purifier

ionic air purifier ionic air purifier


1. Plug the device into a lower socket of a 100V wall outlet, facing the area where rodent activity is suspected.
2. The red LED indicator blinking means it is working to emit ultrasound to repel rodents and pests; The green LED indicator blinking means it is working to emit negative ions to clean air.
3. Position the unit into a wall outlet close to the floor where the speaker points towards the area of rodent activity.
4. Choose ultrasonic frequency grades by sliding the frequency setting switch as you required.
Ⅰ: bedroom
Ⅱ: living room
Ⅲ: garage or utility room
5. Clear all surroundings on the path of ultrasound travels.
6. Different species of rats/mice in different areas are sensitive to different ultrasonic frequencies. We suggest adjusting the frequency in the first 3-5 days for better effects after rats/mice run away, adjust the frequency slightly for lasting effects.

ionic air purifier

Product NameUltrasonic Pest Repellent& Air Purifier
Model No. AR23
Power SupplyAC 110V/50Hz
Consumed Power1.3W
Ultrasonic Frequency15kHz-35kHz (adjustable)

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