360 Degree Smart Scarecrow Animal Repeller (AR16)

● Tri-Face scarecrow provides a 360 degree protection against invading animals
from all directions.
● Smart design, every face has PIR sensor, two LEDs and ultrasonic speaker,
can work individually.
● PIR sensor to detect the invading animals and activate the unit to work automatically
by flashing LED light and emitting ultrasound.
● Ultrasound at different frequency (10.5kHz~20.5kHz; 24.5kHz~50kHz; 50kHz~60kHz)
targets on different animals .
● Six seconds after animals leave, it enters stand-by mode to keep low energy
● Solar-powered, rechargeable batteries are included.
● Waterproof design


360 Degree Smart Scarecrow Animal Repeller–Your perfect yard guard

One Tri-Face scarecrow can protect your properties free from unwanted animals from all directions

yard guard

How to work?

1. If there is NO animal in the detection zone, the repeller will be on standby mode.
2. No matter which direction the animal comes from, PIR sensors on every face will detect them.
3. Then the repeller will start to work automatically by flashing LED light, emitting ultrasound and alarming sound.

(Also alarming sound can be turned off as required.)
4. Ultrasound at different frequency targets at different animals
15kHz~19kHz repels mice, rats, dogs, foxes, martens, etc
20kHz~24kHz repels cats, raccoons, skunks, etc
25kHz~45kHz repels bats, birds, rodents, etc.

yard guard


Product Name360 Degree Smart Scarecrow
Animal Repeller
PowerSolar or USB
Solar Panel5.5V 90mAh, Polysilicon 2.36 * 2.36inch
Battery18650 Lithium Battery
Waterproof IP RatingIP44
Sensor DistanceUp to 40ft
Max Detection Range360°
Ultrasonic Frequency10.5kHz~20.5kHz
Dimensions4.52*4.52*10.59inch (L*W*H)
QTY Per 20' FCL8,040pcs

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