Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent (Bionic Repeller AR25)

• Adopt high-tech ways to irritate the nervous & audio system of mice

• Strong ultrasonic wave will drive them away and make them listless

• The bionic function emits the animal sounds to scare away intruders

• Rounded-corner design to ensure safety for your children and pets

• Varying ultrasound can emit at 5 frequencies to dispel different animals

• No chemicals, poisons, eco-friendly choice to drive animals away

• AC fuse is included to better guarantee your security while using

• Ultrasound frequency will fluctuate automatically to prevent mouse getting immune to it, and avoid them go back


One of the most basic reasons in the world to keep control of rodents such as mice is because of the potential health problems associated with them.  Their urine, hair, and feces – which they drop at random – can come into contact with us or our food, leading to serious illnesses. Therefore, getting mice under control is very important.  The more you know about them, the better you can target them.

ultrasonic mouse repellent

Fortunately, this product can meet your requirements roundly.

High-tech methods adopted, the unit can give out a kind of peculiar and strong ultrasonic wave that can irritate the nervous and audio system of the mouse and other pests.

Ultrasound utilized, the unit can emit a 15-45Khz frequency of ultrasound waves that are too high for humans to hear but to mice.

Bionic function included, a cat mewing, and a mouse crying can make the mouse flee away immediately.

The big range covered, the device can keep mice, rats and pests far away from 600㎡ spaces where one unit installed, and it is applicable to big house, villa, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, hospital, warehouse, etc.

ultrasonic mouse repellent

Put one repeller in your house, about 20 more feet above the floor. Plug them in (vertically not horizontally) and turn them on.  Give some time to take full effect, we suggest adjusting the frequency in the first 3-5 days for better effects, after rats/mice run away, adjust the frequency slightly for lasting effects. Ultrasound frequency will fluctuate automatically to prevent mouse getting immune to it, and avoid them come back.

ultrasonic mouse repellent

Many people are naturally worried about the safety of their pets when using an ultrasonic pest device. While studies found that cats and dogs, although they can hear the waves, are unaffected by low exposure to them. The sounds and wavelengths released by the repeller are designed to cause a physiological response in pests.



1. Plug the included power line into AC power socket in the back of the product to connect the power, the power indicator turns green when the device is working.

2. Adjust ultrasonic frequency by rotating the FREQUENCY knob as you required.
Grade 1-3: low frequency with an audible voice; which targets some species of rats/mice in some typical areas.
Grade 3-5: medium and high frequency; which targets most rats/mice. Please keep it for daily use.

3. Press the red button to turn on the bionic function which makes the mouse flee away.

4. Suggest to use bionic function at night when mouse is active,otherwise turn off.

5. “DC12V” power interface connects 12V/3AH-4AH storage batteries.

6. It’ll charge when AC is connecting, and work automatically after AC disconnected.

7. Different species of rats/mice in different areas are sensitive to different ultrasonic frequencies.

ultrasonic mouse repellent



Product NameBionic & Ultrasonic
Mouse Repellent
Casing MaterialDurable ABS
Power SupplyAC 220/50Hz
DC 12V
Valid Area600 ㎡
Wattage15 W
Available Application Home, Hotel, Restaurant, Mall,
Hospital, Engine Room, Garage
DB Value90-120 dB
Ultrasound Frequency25-40 kHz
Dimensions9.06*5.51*4.72 inch (L*W*H)
QTY Per 20' FCL7‘246 pcs


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