House Rat Trap (AR09)

● For catching and releasing the mouse unharmed

● These live traps contain no poisons or chemicals, and do not kill the mouse

● Cause the least possible amount of stress to mouse when they are caught

● Simply bait, place and release

● Easy disposal of rodents in the trash without ever having to touch it

● Air holes around the trap keep mouse from suffocation, reinforced frame to avoid escaping

● Designed with transparent outlook, easy to check your capture

● Use anywhere inside or outside your home, apartment or business


This house rat trap is one of the best humane mousetraps in the market.  It is our private design.

best humane mouse trap best humane mouse trap

Installation of the best humane mouse trap

1. Rotate the knob clockwise and pull out the bait station located on the back wall of the trap.

2. Use a toothpick or cotton swab to apply a high protein bait such as peanut butter or anything, rotate the knob anticlockwise, and open the entry door.

3. Place the trap where you have seen signs of rodent activity or along the wall where rodents primarily travel. After the mouse goes inside, it triggers the flap to close the entry door.

4. Check the trap frequently as the mouse maybe dehydrates to death if left in the trap for a few days.

5. Once you capture a mouse, open the bait station and release it. It can be reused after clean.

best humane mouse trap best humane mouse trap



Model No.AR09
Product Weight0.5lb
Dimensions9.94 X3.26 X2.83inch
Applicable AreaBoth indoors and outdoors
PackageColor box (Customized acceptable)
Color box size (1 pack)264*88*77mm
Carton size (1 pack)555*375*410mm
Qty. per carton (1 pack)40PCS
N.W. (1 pack)11.04kg
G.W. (1 pack)13.96kg
Color box size (2 pack)264*171*77mm
Carton size (2 pack)555*367*410mm
Qty. per carton (2 pack)20PCS
N.W. (2 pack)11.04kg
G.W. (2 pack)12.44kg

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