Solar wasp trap (VS603)

● Capture wasps, yellow jackets, flies, fruit flies and other flying insects in open areas

● Solar powered, rechargeable batteries included

● Lure wasps and other flying insects with attractive bait at daytime, plus a blinking blue LED light at night

● Easy-to-use and can be used repeatedly after clean up

● Ideal to use for picnics, camping, and cookouts

● Particularly effective in spring, late summer and early fall


Solar Wasp Trap is a kind of fly trap, it’s a simple solution to get your outdoor space rid of these annoying and often dangerous insects. Simply add some sugared water, flip the switch on, then hang the Wasp Trap, or place it on any flat surface. Traps and kills Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Bees, etc. Enjoy your wasp free and outdoor space!

 Fly trap

There are double entry tunnels, one on each side, for increased trapping power. A blue UV light generates a warm glow to increase the wasp traps attracting power. Never worry about batteries! Pesky insects get attracted to the irresistible smell of added sugary water and to the UV light and will make their way into the device. Once inside, insects will try to escape through the clear walls of the product, but will eventually drown in the sugary syrup or become dehydrated in the blazing summer heat.

fly trap fly trap   Fly trap  Fly trap

How to make the bait of the fly trap

1. two small glass of water

2. four tablespoons of sugar

3. one small glass of vinegar

4. one small glass of fruit juice

5. one small glass of wheat beer

The total volume should be less than 250ml, and the peak level should be 2cm below holes.

 Fly trap

Model No.VS603
Casing MaterialABS+PC Cover
Power SupplySolar
BatteryBuilt-in Rechargeable Battery
Suggested Capacity250ml
Suggested BaitMixture with water, sugar,juice,
wheat beer etc.
Applicable AreaHang or place in yard,
garden, farm etc.
PackageColor box (Customized acceptable)
Color box size (2 pack)190*100*125mm
Carton size515*395*390mm
Qty. per carton30 SETS
N. W. per carton8KG
G. W. per carton8.9KG

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